Tuesday 3 May 2016

3 things I learnt about blogging from Harry Potter

Today's prompt learn something new every day I'm a big believer in the power of learning. One of my biggest strengths is being a life long learner (although I'll be honest and say I rarely finish classes that I take) What have you learnt recently, that you didn't expect to learn?
I've mentioned plenty of times before that, except for the first book, I've never read the Harry Potter books. Even though I've had the full set sitting on my bedside table for 3 months now, I still haven't read them. And now I've gone and watched the movies without reading the books (something that goes against every fibre in my body.)

As I was watching the sixth movie on Saturday, I realised that there was a lot about Harry Potter that could be compared to blogging. Because what else would I be thinking about while watching?

Experts come and go I noticed as I watched that every year there was a new teacher in Defense against the Dark Arts. Which reminded me of the number of "expert" bloggers I've seen come and go over the last 9 years. The bloggers with big followings that no longer write. The bloggers who made thousands of dollars who can no longer be seen. The bloggers who grew huge, then dwindled away to obscurity again. There are always experts in every area of life, but you can only follow your race, not someone else's.

You know more than you think you do Every time Harry faced a challenge, he thought he wouldn't get through it. Until all of a sudden, he would realise that he knew how to take on the challenge, and managed to survive. If you're like me, you're in lots of facebook groups about blogging, constantly talking, thinking, reading about blogging. Now it's time to trust that you know what you need to know, and just get on with it.

Friends grow together I've got a funny feeling that the movie ending is different to the books, but in the movies, the 3 friends grow old together. In blogging, the best bloggers support one another. They answer questions without expecting anything in return, share blog posts on their pages, and encourage others to keep writing.
I think once I've read my bookclub book I need to actually start reading the Harry Potter books from the beginning.

What did you learn from the Harry Potter books or movies?

Tomorrow's prompt behind the scenes - what isn't instagramable? So much of social media is sharing the highlight reel. Today, I want you to share a photo (and the story behind it) that isn't perfect.

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  1. Yes, you do know more than you think you do, on everything. Funny that. And I love the dumbledore quote.

  2. I totally agree that we all need to follow our own journey and that what works for one blogger won't necessarily work for another. Not all bloggers are wanting the same things out of blogging either. Luckily the blogosphere is big enough for all of us.

  3. Harry Potter is a brilliant series full of little lessons. Do read the books, there's so much detail in them that the movies miss. Loved the movies though!

  4. Love all of these - but then again I am a mad HP fan! You must read the books, so excited about the new one coming out in July!

  5. You had me at Harry Potter :-) My kids are huge Harry Potter fans and I am going to show them this post tonight so they realise they too know more than they think they do :-)

  6. I remember being in high school and thinking things like THIS DAY WILL NEVER END IT WILL GO ON FOREVER ...but the more days you go through, the more you realise even the really, really shitty ones do end. That is a life lesson I try to remember.

  7. I had to laugh at your 'experts come and go' comment cos that's so true isn't it?!

  8. These are great lessons - so true, especially the one about the 'experts'! Oh, and I love that quote.

  9. Lovely lessons. So true. (And for the record, they all grow old together in the books, too.) x

  10. What a brilliant post! Loved it!

  11. I've never read Happy Potter. I thought I was the only one!


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