Monday 2 May 2016

4 goals for May

Today's prompt hello Monday - 4 goals for the month I started saying hello to Monday, as a way of embracing the good of the week, rather than focusing on Monday being bad. This month, I want to try setting simple, achievable goals for the month.
hello public holiday it's Labour Day in Queensland today. There was a time when I marched in the Labour Day parade, but not any more. I'm still a big believer in supporting the workers, but I'm not sure about the union's role in that any more. So today I'll just take it as a day off, to spend time with the family (although the rainy weather seems to be affecting moods.)

hello blog every day in May my number 1 goal for this month is to blog every day. Setting aside time each evening to write, but giving myself grace if it doesn't happen as planned. As long as each post is published by midday, I'll be happy with that.

hello take more photos I realised as I scrolled through my computer last night that I've fallen into the trap of taking photos with my phone again. So, I'm going to join in with Ali Edwards Week in the Life™ next week, and take at least one photo every hour between 6am and 9pm from Monday to Sunday.

hello bookclub book I've been going to my bookclub for almost 15 years. And as with all things, finishing books each month isn't always a priority. This month's book is The Dressmaker, which I've been wanting to read for ages. But I can already see this month getting in the way of reading time, so I need a conscious goal to actually read. Bookclub meets on May 14th, so I'll have the book finished by Friday 13th. First step, download the book.

hello plastics drawer I've mentioned the dreaded plastics drawer a few times before, but never actually completed it. So I'm making it a goal for this month. And if I had any sense, I'd do it next week, so I had photographic evidence of it's completedness.

hello Monday, a new start every week

Tomorrow's prompt
learn something new every day I'm a big believer in the power of learning. One of my biggest strengths is being a life long learner (although I'll be honest and say I rarely finish classes that I take) What have you learnt recently, that you didn't expect to learn?

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  1. oooooh you have to read The Dressmaker (and watch the movie if you haven't already) it is certainly a 10/10 book in my opinion!!

  2. photos have become my latest little obsession, now it is just timing the perfect picture.

  3. I'd love to do a blogging challenge like this but I think I'd definitely fail after about 4 days, but maybe I'd surprise myself. Taking more photos is definitely on my list too.

  4. Good luck for meeting your goals for the month Cate - especially the blogging each day one!

  5. Wow that photo challenge sounds full on but interesting in that it documents your whole day.
    Good luck in getting your everyday in May published x

  6. Good luck with your goals. That photo challenge sounds like a challenge.

  7. Oh wow! Can't wait to see your photos from that challenge. Mine would be pretty boring.

  8. I have to get into my plastic cupboard too.


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