Friday 28 March 2014

dear sophie | nine months

Dear Sophie

you cut another tooth just three days ago

(just like everyone else, you get snotty and sleepy in the days leading up to the cut)

you're still wearing a mix of 00s and 0s

(and I even squeezed a pair of 000 on you yesterday when I couldn't find anything warm and clean)

you love food, watermelon and grapes and hot chips being the favourites, but bananas and porridge and toast come a close second

now that you're crawling, you follow us everywhere

(straight for the cat's dry food, if we forget about picking it up)

you have smiles for dad when he's home

(and look for him when he's not)

you recognise mum's phone (camera), and dad's voice when he calls

and you love snuggling and sleeping on mum when the kids are at school

you are growing so fast

and you are so very loved


  1. As soon as I clicked through to that sweet photo, I just grinned - isn't she just lovely? I always think how thrilled I would have been to have a record like this about my first years ....

  2. Hayley looks for dad too when he's not here :)


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