Saturday 28 June 2014

dear sophie today you are one

and what a year it's been!

 you have started walking, you're up to about 4 steps at a time

{but it's quicker to crawl at times}

you've been unwell this week, a runny nose and small cough

{so we've had lots of snuggles on the couch}

 you love music, bopping along when you hear it from toys or tv

{and loved the noisy toys we gave you today}

last week I had to accept that size 00 clothes don't fit any more

{but size 0 swims on you}

you don't have any new teeth this month

and weigh a tiny 9kgs

{but that's still heavy enough that mum finally needed to buy an ergo}

you smile at the kids when they get home from school

and wake up and smile when you hear dad's voice

you are such a happy girl

and you are so very loved


  1. Yay Sophie! Shes so tiny (or Hayley's just a chunker - I think shes close to 11kg at 11 months!).

  2. Happy Birthday to little Sophie. Teeth may come with that 'cold.'

  3. Happy birthday to your beautiful girl Cate! She's very cute with her beautiful big eyes!

  4. Is it really a year since she was born? Oh my goodness ... these photos are just lovely. Tiny she may be, but with those huge eyes, she will always be noticed :).


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