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Digital Parents Australia Blog Carnival {May 2014}

Welcome to the Digital Parents Australia Blog Carnival for May 2014! I've been a member of DPA for a very long time (but not very active), so I was beside myself with excitement when I snagged the opportunity to host this month! Happy Sunday reading!

{In no particular order, except the order I see them on the form}

Health the greatest gift you can give! 21 ways to encourage your kids to love being active! from Happy Parenting  twitter  |  facebook

How we can change the way we view and promote our health & our children's health by getting active with our kids.

Why Miss 8 ate up her dinner even though she said she didn't like it from Brenda Janschek Health & Lifestyle  twitter  |  facebook

An exploration about how dinnertime is not always smooth sailing and how we deal with it.

"Find My Phone" Worked! from Denyse Whelan Blogs  twitter  |  facebook

Recently I attended Sydney Writers Festival at Walsh Bay.I had a great time until I got home and realised "I've LOST my phone!" Here's how I got it back. 

Where have all the Good Guys Gone? from Where The Wild Things Are  twitter 

Dismay at the 2014 Budget as a reflection of the change in Australian values. What made us great appears to be no more.

Paleo Almond Satay Chicken from Food, Glorious Friendly Food  twitter  |  facebook

Grain free and dairy free - a scrumptious alternative to 'normal' Satay that the whole family will love!

 A Letter to my Son About Elliot Rodgers from Dadinating the Countryside  twitter  |  facebook

The recent mass shooting in the US made me think about how to talk to my kids about such tragedies. My son is 2, so I wrote a letter to him for when he is older. 

Wanderlust from My Brown Paper Packages  twitter  |  facebook

I am a self diagnosed sufferer and started a group therapy session #wednesdaywanderlust for others who have a strong desire to travel

From the cradle from Talking Frankly  twitter  |  facebook

We make decisions for our children based on what we as individuals believe.... and that's kind of the point

Life on the spectrum ~ In pictures. from The Hesitant Housewife  twitter  |  facebook

A collection of photos capturing everyday life with a child on the autism spectrum. 

Thyroid Brain Training from Thyroid Living  twitter  |  facebook

One of the many frustrating symptoms of a problematic thyroid is the brain fog or forgetfulness. Here are some ideas to help with your memory. 

Tucker Tuesday: Recipe ~ Homemade French Onion Soup Mix from Becci's Domestic Bliss  facebook

In an effort to reduce the amount of premade foods we consume regularly, I decided to make my own French Onion Soup mix and it was awesome!

Returning: The Official Book Launch from Francesca Writes Here  twitter  |  facebook

This post describes the official launch of my debut novel, Returning! 

10 Lessons I Learned About Blogging in the Past Year from Denise Mooney  twitter  |  facebook

Just a few of the lessons I've learned about blogging in the past 12 months: Don't be a lone ranger; it doesn't have to be perfect and develop your own style.

Razor Review Video from Fast Lane Dad  twitter  |  facebook

My first video review of anything! I tried to make it funny but that's down to you guys to decide.
It's good for faces, legs and any other part of your anatomy you'd care to use it.

My career from You Learn Something New Every Day  twitter  |  facebook

My career means a lot to me. Despite what some people think. Ranty pants are on for a discussion of parental judgy judgersoning.

My First Job Interview from Two Little Humans and Me  twitter  |  facebook

What do you do when you very first job interview isn't quite what you thought? 

Life And Its Lemons from The Mother Load Australia  twitter  |  facebook

A little post about facing challenges and how they can hit when you least expect it.  

How Confident are You? from The Plumbette  twitter  |  facebook

Why are some women able to pursue their dreams and others cower at the thought of taking a risk? I write about how my experiences in my career have helped build my confidence and how you can build yours

What Defines A Sponsored Blog Post? from Easy Peasy Kids  twitter  |  facebook

Discussing the honesty in sponsored blog posts. Should everything be disclosed? 

4 Long Style Tops to Wear with Leggings from Style On V  facebook

I have gone shopping online with 4 different long style tops to wear with leggings.

That Awkward Moment when you can't understand your own kid. from Preschool Mummy  facebook

Something mystical happens when you become a mother. You become somewhat of a “kid-whisperer”. But what happens when they stump you? Embarrassment and confusion ensues!  

10 tips to survive shopping with kids from The Kids Menu  twitter  |  facebook

Here are 10 tips to survive shopping with kids. Make no mistake this is not a guide to make shopping with kids enjoyable, just bearable – good luck

Retirement: It's Like Extended Maternity Leave Minus the Baby, Right? from Seeing the Lighter Side of Parenting  twitter  |  facebook

Retirement seems like a looong way away. Here's help for Mums with bubs to visualise it. 

An easy way to get a photo of your kids together from Mum the Photographer  facebook

A simple tip from Mum the Photographer to get a nice photo of your kids together ... no matter what their ages! 

Salted Nutella and White Chocolate Mug Cake from The Flying Drunken Monkey  twitter  |  facebook

I share my recipe for Salted Nutella and White Chocolate Mug Cake. Yup, yummy, gooey cake that you can make in just 5 minutes!

Black plum and roasted fig frozen yoghurt with maple cones from Sweet Natured Kitchen  twitter  |  facebook

A recipe for homemade maple ice cream cones and instructions on how to turn Rachel's Yoghurt into a lovely frozen yoghurt. 

Getting Mumma's Mojo Back from Tully&Mishka  facebook

Talking about finding my mojo again, as a stay at home mum to two under 3. And whilst having little sleep for the last twelve months!  

Does Anything Test A Woman's Love More Than Man Flu? from My Midlife Mayhem  twitter  |  facebook 

How many women have had to play nurse to a man who think's he's dying from the flu, when it's nothing more than a cold?  

Why Emma Watson is the Perfect Role Model from Barbie, Bieber and Beyond - Raising Girls  twitter  |  facebook

Why do our girls want to emulate such celebrities as the Kardashians and Miley Cyrus, when they should be following the example of actress Emma Watson. Why does the media fill all their entertainment reports with the antics of undesirable celebrities, when they should be reporting the achievements and behaviour that our girls should should strive to achieve themselves.  

Housework and my awesome days from The Windmill Paddock  twitter  |  facebook

Laughing at how silly it is now at home with kids, after 10 years full time work that I judge an awesome day by how much housework I get done.  

The whinge (kitchen remix) from Muwa  

How do YOU cope with a whingy, whiney toddler?  

Thirteen Ways You Can Survive this Budget from Pinky Poinker  twitter  |  facebook

A humorous take on how we can all save money in the household.  

The "Real Woman" Myth from Kylie Purtell - A Study in Contradictions  twitter  |  facebook

Real women have curves.
Real women are fit and healthy.
Real women drink wine and only eat bacon.
For the love of baby cheeses, I call BULLSHIT on the "Real Woman" myth!

The Upside? of being Coeliac from Gluten Free Hart  twitter  |  facebook

An insight into the Coeliac world  

Arsenal for navigating the baby daze from Nee Sayer  twitter  |  facebook

There are some things money can’t buy when it comes to getting you through the baby daze (aside from a nanny, a personal trainer and a chef, of course!) 

Cobar, NSW from Camper Trailer Travels  facebook

Cobar is a small mining town in outback NSW that has a fascinating history of gold and copper mining and lots to see and do.  

Sugar-Free Chocolate Cupcake Recipe from Checks and Spots  twitter  |  facebook

This Sugar-Free Chocolate Cupcake Recipe is so yummy you won't even notice the sweet stuff is missing!  

A Writer's Life from Open Spaces  twitter  |  facebook

Sharing a little insight on what it's like inside a writer's life and what it is that appeal to so many who aspire to calling themselves a writer. 

To my grown up children from Middle Class Mummas  twitter  |  facebook

It's a letter to my children when they first have their children. This is a part of a challenge I have partaken in to better my way of thinking towards my parenting. I hope to encourage other mothers to do the same!  

Dear Chloe | today you are sixteen from me  facebook

Things I'd tell my daughter on her sixteenth birthday 


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