Thursday 5 June 2014

the best bits of queensland {guest post}

Today's guest post is from my friend Annmarie, from Annie's Lane

Cate is celebrating living in Queensland longer than living south of the border (V.I.C). After living in Queensland for only 18mths I’m going to share with you what I love about living in Queensland.

Richard Marks once sang ‘Oh those endless summer night’s” after our first week of living up here I think I was ready to die from the heat day & night. I started dreaming of snow angels. But it took a while to get use to. I’m still on the lookout for a really good hat to suit the climate up here. I feel now that I’m coping better with this heat. After I stopped whinging about the heat…..I started to enjoy having the warmer days nearly all year round.

We live in Brisbane, which is so wonderful to live in a capital city. We are 1 hour from the Gold Coast (Goldy as the locals say) 1 hour from the Sunshine Coast (sunny coast). Right smack bang in the middle of it all. Brisbane is the BEST city to live if you have children. After living in Sydney & Melbourne, Brissy seems to be more family orientated. A few things to back this up….

What my family love about Queensland

The park’s there are so many. Always somewhere to go and have a BBQ or a picnic, very well looked after.

The Theme Parks, need I say more…

South Bank (where Expo ‘88’ was) always something going on there ALWAYS.

The free stuff, they have free swimming pools or lagoons as they call them. Most people would think or have been to Street’s Beach at South Bank. Great in the middle of summer to go late in the arvo give the kids a quick swim. This is a big hit with my children. 

The Beach now if you don’t mind getting a bit of Sand between your toes you can go for a drive to one of the many beaches Queensland has to offer, the added bonus of QLD’s longer summer means more time to swim.

 Brisbane Roar after moving we needed a winning team to support.

A hidden gem I thought I found but the locals had kept it a secret was Maleny. Not to mention how good the cheese is at Kenilworth I was told about this little gem and had to make my hubby drive the long way home just to buy cheese.

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  1. That warmth sounds delicious to this person from chilly North European climes! And your description of Brisbane and your lovely photos have ready sold it to me. Wishing you many happy years there.


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