Tuesday 3 June 2014

the view from home {guest post}

Today's guest poster is Amy from Actually Amy

So Cate is celebrating living longer in Queensland than living in Victoria and I wanted to share some things that I miss about living in Queensland.

You see we moved from the Central Queensland coast to the Pilbara region of Western Australia towards the end of 2012 for my husband’s work and whilst we are enjoying living here I still miss Queensland immensely.

I'm not quite sure what it is exactly about Queensland that I miss. Some would say my family, but they sure ring me often enough to make sure I don't get a chance to miss them (joking!).

The thing is that QLD is just well QLD, if you've lived there you'll know what I mean.  But the people, the atmosphere, the wildlife it's all great. Overall it's a pretty friendly place. And I guess there I'm not referred to someone from 'over east'.

You see, Western Australia is very different from the rest of Australia. It certainly feels like a different country sometimes and I'm not saying that in a derogatory way, so you Western Australians can stop feeling offended! The terminology is different, Rugby League is not simply Footy, they call it Rugby here. Where I'm from if you were talking about Rugby you were talking about Rugby Union.

Devon is polony, desserts are sweets, shoes or runners are sneakers, swimmers or togs are bathers, the list just goes on! I've even heard soft drink being referred to as soda! See it IS like living in a different country.

I can tell you one thing I DON'T miss about Queensland, it's the cane toads. For the first few months here it was strange going outside and not seeing any. The kids kept asking where they were too. Now we just don't notice that they aren't around. It makes a nice change from finding them everywhere.

Would I move back to Queensland? If B got offered a super great job then yes, but until that day I think I just have to go on remembering about how big cane toads can get!


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  1. I had no idea there were so many differences! Fascinating for one who lives so far away. Off to google cane toads - they're sounding none too friendly!


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