Thursday 30 October 2014

inspiration and motivation

The blogosphere is so large these days, it's easy to become overwhelmed and forget why you started blogging. And the more people you meet, through forums, and classes, and commenting, gives you more people to compare yourself with. It is easy to lose yourself and your purpose if you make the outside noise more important than your inner voice. (That isn't to say that meeting others is bad, because you can't learn and grow in a bubble; just that you need to know your boundaries, something I unexpectedly learnt just a couple of weeks ago)


I was going to say "depending on your niche", but in all honesty, pinterest is one of the best sources of inspiration - if you know your boundaries. But one of the keys to building a successful blog is content creation, not curation, so you need to remember to write (or create), not just pin.

Staying motivated to keep posting ebbs and flows. When life feels busy and out of control, blogging can feel like the last thing you want to do. I would urge you to keep writing, though, even if you don't publish posts; and my number one trick for writing when you don't feel like writing is to take pen and paper outside, you'd be surprised at the words that flow from a spot of fresh air and sunshine!

Where do you find inspiration for your posts?



  1. The random stuff we talk about in my online mother's group tends to be my biggest source of inspiration for ideas. They are a fantastic support and will often brainstorm ideas with me when I have no idea what to write about or share their experiences with me when I'm researching an article.

  2. My inspiration usually comes from things going on in my life - road trips we take or sewing or craft projects I'm doing. Lately my motivation to blog has decreased because my yoga teacher training is taking up so much of my time. And when I do have time to blog, I don't think that writing about yoga all the time on my blog is a good fit. I do like your suggestion to write anyway, and love the thought of taking a pen and paper outside to write!

  3. I struggle a bit with writing in the ebbs. Something I need to work on more. Thanks :)


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