Tuesday 16 December 2014

about me {leibster award}

The Liebster Award is a fun "chain letter" style post that gets passed from one blogger to another. Some posts say it's for bloggers with less than 200 readers, but I'm not sure how you quantify that in the age of social media. Nevertheless, it's fun to ask questions of people, discover new blogs, and share some love. I recieved this award from two bloggers - Jess from A Little Part of the World and Toni from Finding Myself Young. I'm going to answer all their questions, because who doesn't love talking about themselves?

What is your greatest fear? That one of the kids will get cancer. Statistically, the chances are high, and that really scares me.
What's your favourite colour? yellow. Did you think I would say purple? I waver between the two, and it really depends on the day you're asking me - purple feels perfect for cool winter nights, but yellow is summer fun.
What is your earliest memory? walking down the stairs of the pub we were living in, holding my dad's hand. I was 2.5
What did you want to be when you grew up? a mum. Or a psychologist.
When was the last time you had a really good belly laugh? last Friday night. I came home from dropping Douglas at scouts, and Steve was watching The Graham Norton Show, which just tickled my funny bone.
What was your first pet? A cat called Bruce.
Have you ever broken a bone? Yes. Index finger on left hand. I was living with a guy who was being rude to his mum, so I went to slap him across the face, and he grabbed my hand and twisted me away from him, twisting the finger, resulting in surgery, and a finger that doesn't bend. I moved out 3 days later.
If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Tasmania
Chocolate, strawberry or vanilla? Chocolate
What is your dream holiday destination? Tasmania
Why did you start blogging? To share my scrapbooking pages with other scrappers. To write down life and remember when I couldn't.
Violet crumble or Crunchie? Violet crumble
Coffee or tea? tea
What do you want for Christmas? I've got my Christmas present already, a picture mate photo printer
Where were you born? Melbourne
What's your favourite type of music? anything with easily understandable lyrics I can sing loudly to.
Have you ever chucked a sickie [taken a sick day when you weren't sick]? yes
Do you speak another language? No

Can you remember your first pet's name?


  1. You did way better than me getting your post done the same day you were nominated!

  2. Always interesting to read the little details and find out more. I have no idea what violet crumble is!

  3. what are violet crumbles and crunchies?


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