Monday 12 January 2015

choosing shoes for school

We're almost halfway through January, and the kids go back to school (or start school) in just two short weeks. Besides uniforms and books, they probably need new shoes. (If they're like Douglas, they'll need new shoes every term!)

Most state primary schools allow children to wear either black leather lace ups, or black or white runners. In high school, kids will need both black leather lace ups, and runners (our high school specified no dunlop volleys, or skate shoes of any sort)

My number one tip for buying school shoes is buy the best ones you can afford.

If you can afford the $60 leather Clark shoes, then buy them. If you can afford the $30 Grosby shoes from Big W, then buy them.

The dollar value of the shoes isn't how you tell if it's the best shoe for your child - the fit of the shoe, and how your child feels at the end of a long day at school (especially in the beginning of the year, when they're so busy playing with people) tells what is the best shoe.

Do you have kids heading off to school this year?

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