Sunday 25 January 2015

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I love the save feature on facebook. I hated it when it first came out, because I knew if I used it, I would probably save and never read. But I've got over that (although I was right, I do sometimes save stuff without reading it), but using it has expanded my reading - now I can save stuff from business groups I'm in, and blogging groups, and even just what shows up in my feed. And the best bit is I can share them with you!

It's not your job to make your kids happy  |  Picklebums  |  I've been reading Kate's blog for a long time, she's one of the first Aussie bloggers I ever read outside of scrapbooking, and yet her advise is timeless, and so crucial for all parents.

How to choose fabric  |  Sew Delicious  |  Ros puts together beautiful fabric combinations, so I was excited to see her tips

Coconut Lime cookies  |  Boiled Eggs & Soldiers  |  we need to shake up our cookie repertoire as we head back to school in a couple of days, these look like a great place to start

We need to talk about death and dying  |  Sarah's Heart Writes  |  Sarah's words are always powerful, and thoughtful.

Nine tips for organiing your desk  |  Hightail blog  |  I am always drowning in clutter on my desk, so these tips are helpful (and on this week's to-do list once the kids are at school)

OLW 2015 January Pages  |  Emilie Ahern  |  Totally inspired by these pages to try a different album size this year

Backyard Chickens. What you need to know  |  The Multitasking Mummy  |  We had chickens growing up (ten was far too many, mum!), and it's on our one-day list, so I keep reading up about keeping chickens in suburbia

Favourite books of 2014  |  Modern Mrs Darcy  |  I haven't seen many "I read" or "best of" lists this January, so I bookmarked every one I did see, how else will I find good reading material?

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  1. Nice link list Cate! Oh how I want chickens in my backyard but oh how I don't want to clean up after them. The dilemma! Love Victoria's cookies and about to hit up Modern Mrs. Darcy's favourite books of 2014.

    Thanks for linking up with The Ultimate Rabbit Hole. :)


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