Monday 26 January 2015

return to centre

This morning I took the kids outside, with my camera and ipad, in the hopes of gettings some day-before-school-starts photos. I walked inside in tears, just 15 minutes later.
The constant need to one-up each other, hitting Sophie, pulling stupid faces when I'm trying to take photos, kicking each other when they're laying down on the picnic blanket. I'd had enough.

The school holidays have been long, this summer. This sort of behaviour hasn't been exclusive to today, it has been constant, day after day, hour after hour.

But it's not even as if their behaviour is particularly bad. They're bored, and the summer of yes didn't particularly work out for us (I got fed up with saying yes when it didn't impact behaviour at all; and have often found myself saying no just because I can say no, not the best form of parenting in the world.) But my patience is short. And the noise is overwhelming.

Because that seems to be the biggest issue for me. The constant noise, in the form of questions, and comments, laughing and yelling. Noise. No quiet. Except those few moments each day that they play minecraft quietly together (and the last week, that hasn't even worked for very long)

Thank goodness school starts tomorrow! I'm not sure my brain can handle much more of the noise!

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  1. So our kids made both of us cry today! Too bad I can't send mine to school tomorrow.

  2. A BIG hug to you, I know how you feel, it's a daily battle but you're nearly there lovely. Thinking of you - and YES to Minecraft!

  3. Four kids at home - I can't begin to imagine how you get through the days without some kind of fight breaking out! Still, schools are back and it's just you and Sophie again - relax and enjoy the peace even if it is just for a few hours a day!

  4. Cate I am hearing you. My kids don't start back until Thursday and Friday but I am ready ready ready. Its the little bickering that kills me. "JUST LEAVE YOUR BROTHER ALONE - can be heard at least 10 times a day

  5. The holidays seemed to go so quick, but yes, I am so ready for Izzy to be at school. It's been nice not to have the nagging to do stuff today. Hope you're having a lovely day x


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