Sunday 1 February 2015

us right now

he hasn't been sleeping well during the day, because it's been hot

(and the air conditioner in the bedroom had a fit a couple of weeks ago)

he finally took his new motorbike for a run yesterday

(once he figured out how to throw his leg over the seat, there's a storage box in the way)

she figured out the problem with the camera

(user error, the lense wasn't on properly)

all photos in this post were taken with it

(and she used her picturemate, and scrapped, too!)

he started high school last week

(and is already complaining about homework!)

he takes the bus to and from school by himself

(and even remembers to text me when he gets there!)

she started grade 3 last week

(and cried the first two days I dropped her off)

she picked Riley up from school by herself one day

(but still wants dad to pick her up when he's not working)

he started school last week

(without any hiccups or tears)

he's been so tired, he falls asleep within minutes

(but he's so excited, he's awake at 6am!)

she is 19 months old

(and still doesn't sleep more than an hour during the day)

she misses the kids during the day

(but has loud squeals for them when they annoy her!)


  1. Replies
    1. a total fluke shot, but it's my new favourite, too!

  2. Your kids have the most adorable faces and grins.I think the little one who just started school looks like a cheeky monkey :) I bet he keeps his teacher on her toes!

  3. I really enjoy these catch up posts! Xx

  4. Owww! It seems that that time of the year has arrived. It really hits us when we least expect it, and rankles us when we least want it. Oh well, it's part of the deal with the climate knocking down and all. You could really use an air conditioning unit or two, to be able to survive what summer has in store for you. Anyway, thanks for sharing such an adorable post! All the best to the whole family!

    Tommy Hopkins @ AccuTemp

  5. Yay - I love this post. Gosh, the kids are all growing up so fast. LOVE the smiley photo of you, and your hubby's shirt made me laugh. I need that for Doug!


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