Monday 2 February 2015

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I wanted to try something a bit different this week with my link round up. I was struck by the thought that reading something useful first thing on a Monday morning can change the course of your whole week. Of course, just because I think something is useful doesn't mean you will, but I'm hoping you'll enjoy reading these links anyway.

Cornflake Choc Chip cookies  |  taste  |  these were a favourite of Chloe's when she was little, but I haven't made them for years. It's time to change that.

Writing Your Way To Happiness  |  nytimes  |  the therapeutic benefits of journalling are well documented. I've solved many a bad mood by writing it out.

52 Things Ideas for Writers in 2015  |  huffpo  |  whether you consider yourself a writer or blogger, there are some great ideas here to keep your writing.

Meeting in the Middle  |  coffee and crumbs  |  parenting is hard. Parenting with a partner is always a fine balance of sharing.

two self-care myths sabotagingyour ME time  |  abundant mama  |  "when we love ourselves enough to nourish ourselves in a way that leaves us feeling more relaxed, we can be more kind, more loving, more playful and more healthy"

just start blogging  |  bloggers and bacon  |  even without the awesome URL, Vanessa knows her stuff, and serves it up first thing in the morning, in bite size chunks.

What have you been reading this week?

linking up with Calm to Conniption for the Ultimate Rabbit Hole link up.


  1. Nice links. I have never been on Abundant Mama before. Thanks for linking up once again. :)

  2. Some great hook ups here Cate. I looked over a couple of your posts.. love the close ups of the family. My kids wouldn't stand there though.. they are all such posers.

  3. Thanks for including me in the wrap up :) I'm headed off to look at those other links now.


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