Friday 20 February 2015

camera love | seeing the difference

I've got a new camera. I only got my first digital camera 8 years ago (I still have it, it was a 5mp Kodak), and since then I've loved my Fuji FinePix cameras. And I've almost exclusively used my iPhone 5 camera for the last two years.
I didn't think I would ever buy a "big"camera. I was happy with the images from my iPhone, and my Fuji, when I remembered to pick it up.
Then I bought the Olympus OMD EM10. Even on auto, even "happy snapping", I can see the difference.
Sure, using the camera you have with you is better than not capturing the memory.
But the real eye opener to me was when I printed some photos at home on my picturemate. The iPhone photos were all blown out and grainy, but the photos from the Olympus were amazing.
A small piece of me was sad after seeing those awful photos printed out, thinking I had wasted all my photos from the last two years, but then I realised that I still had the memories captured, so I'd just have to print the photos a bit smaller.
Seeing nice photos has inspired me to pick up my camera again. Even if I do drive my family nuts following them around, happy snapping.
What camera do you use to capture memories?

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  1. Great photo's! I use my Nikon D7100 digital camera these days. Back in the day when the kids were little, I had no idea about photography and we had crappy camera's. At least we got our photo's printed back then. These days most of my photo's live in my computer. They are far better quality but I rarely print them. I must start printing some of my photos!!

  2. Oh these are such sweet photos! I love those sweet little legs!

    I'm still working on remembering to carry my Big Girl Camera with me and using it rather than just pulling out my phone. I want to improve my skills with both, but I need more practice with my BGC.

    I too need to work on printing my photos. I've got a ton of them and I'd hate to lose them all. I just don't know when I find the time to create the photo books as well as blog as well learn to use my camera, lol!

    thanks for joining us this week! I hope to see you back again next week!

  3. I love the photo of you and Sophie kissing! You're really increasing my desire for a "real" camera now. I really need to print out more of my photos and hang them on the wall instead of having them all living in my computer. Must get onto that.

  4. I have a Fuji Finepix 3300 which is far better than my phone camera but I have dreams of one day...

  5. Such sweet moments captured! You're so right about some pictures being better than no pictures but you'll enjoy your new camera and the quality images you'll get from it so much more! Enjoy!

  6. Visiting from "Pierced Wonderings". Photos are NEVER wasted if you are capturing a memory, regardless of the camera! But I'm glad you are seeing the benefits of your DSLR, you will have some amazing shots in your future :)

  7. What a fun group of photos today! I use my DSLR for most big events & all our traveling, plus photos I capture around the house. I use the point & shoot occasionally still, but rely on my iPhone for those everyday out & about photos! (All the photos from my Scrapbook Expo post are from the iPhone because I didn't want to keep up with a camera, too.)

  8. A new BIG camera sounds very exciting! I have never really got to grips with ours because it's just too big to carry around. Your iphone camera photos might be absolutely fine if you alter the dpi before printing - phone cameras usually show 72dpi but if you google about how to change this for printing, you might find that you have plenty of goof sharp phone photos to use.

  9. I used to be addicted to cell phone photos, but once I got my first big camera, I never looked back! Although iPhones really, really do take great photos. I know a professional wedding photographer who takes her iPhone and often includes shots from that in her client's albums!


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