Sunday 1 March 2015

us right now

he lost his job on Thursday

and is still pretty angry about it

he's got a big list of jobs to apply for this week

and is using the time at home to catch up on yard work

she is heading off to a blogging workshop this week

and is terrified of meeting new people

she walks five days a week after dropping kids at school

and is already noticing a difference

he is pushing the boundaries of following-the-crowd

rather than standing for himself

he chose "ultimate disc" for sport

{I don't know what it is either, something to do with frisbees}

she will be 8 soon

and has already attended her first {One Direction} concert

she is excited that dad is home at night

and has decided she doesn't like Cub scouts any more

he was very excited to win a prize on Friday (for earning ten smiley faces)

and his slinky prize has lasted all weekend

he hates cabbage, but loves white sauce

and always finishes off the mashed potato

she has figured out how to slide down the stairs 

and insists on walking up by herself, too

she is cutting two molars

and is excited dad is home each morning


  1. Big week but hopefully the new one will bring some better moments. 2 molars happening here too. Hurry up teeth!

  2. 1 - I love Steve's shirt
    2 - I'm glad you said you didn't know what ultimate disc was cos the first thing I thought was what the hell is that
    3 - Hayley has decided she only wants to walk up and down the stairs by herself too and its stressing me out because sometimes she thinks she doesn't need to hold on.

  3. Your little ones are adorable. Well done on the walking and most of all, I hope a new and better job is just around the corner.

  4. So sorry about the job but it's wonderful that he has a long list of possibilities. Congrats on the walking, seems all I do is think about doing it. Of course now that we've had 3 weeks of bad winter weather i think I have an excuse @@

  5. I hope that things get themselves sorted for your husband. I know that it is difficult when a job has been lost. We went through it a few years ago.

    Enjoy your conference! I'm hoping that in the next week I can make it back to walking. I've been off the wagon for quite awhile.

  6. So sorry to read about the job loss - that's really tough :(. It sounds as if the children are enjoying more time with him, though. Hoping things improve fast, and that you have a great time on that blogging course!

  7. I hope your husband will find another job quickly Cate. Your kids are adorable! Have fun at the blogging workshop.

  8. Sorry to hear about the job and hoping that list o possibilities throws something up quickly xx

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  10. A great look at y'all right now! I hope you enjoyed the blogging convention. I'm so sorry to hear about the job loss & will praying a new one comes along very quickly!


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