Saturday 7 March 2015

today you are eight

Dear Natalie

today, you are eight

this photo sums you up entirely

funny and playful, silly and sometimes even naughty

but caring and honest and diligent at your work

you were the first to teach me there was more space in my heart

(and you teach me every day how to count to ten when you're silly)

you are so very different to Chloe

and yet so very similar, too

you are independent, and stubborn

and quiet and shy, all at the same time

you haven't learnt to trust yourself yet, but that will come with time

you love being responsible for Riley, now you're at school together

but sometimes you get fed up with him, and it shows in your actions

your best friend is still Kaete, you were so excited she was in your class this year

you've given up cub scouts, and love getting lost in a book

and it's an epic battle to get you to clean your room

We love you more and more every day

Happy Birthday, Natalie


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