Monday 9 March 2015

hello monday

hello photoshop. I made a mistake with my camera yesterday, and need to figure out how to correct the images.

hello new job. He's away from home again, but it's work.

hello mojo, you've been missing for a while but seem to have found your way home again.

hello hot weather, I didn't think you had gone very far.

hello Sunday adventures, we've unintentionally started something, and we're all loving it

hello paint, I'm looking forward to more practice this week

hello books, I've stumbled on some new YA and have a couple of non-fiction I'm looking forward to digging into

hello molars, I see you peeking through, making Sophie miserable 


  1. See its not a mistake but a learning opportunity to come :) Love the format of your writing!

    1. yes, editing photos is something I've avoided so far, so the opportunity to learn something new is good


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