Tuesday 10 March 2015

finding the love of blogging again

Blogging and I haven't been having a love affair lately.

There's been lots of reasons for that - kids, jobs, life - but mostly, my words have been missing.
A couple of weeks ago, in an effort to figure out exactly what the problem was, I pulled out a few sparkly coloured pens and some butchers paper, and started mind mapping.

During the process, I found some answers to other questions, and then got distracted by kids again, and brushed everything aside for a while, and dwelt on the answers.
All of a sudden, it occured to me - the stories were missing.

I forgot my core reason for blogging - that I'm capturing the stories of our lives for my children.
The story of these photos being in black and white because I changed the white balance on the camera to take photos of Natalie's birthday cake on Saturday night, and forgot to change it back, so most of the photos from the beach are tinged blue and I don't know how else to fix them.
The story of Natalie's best friend staying for a sleepover on Saturday night. The story of Steve asking her if she ever had breakfast at the beach, and her response "we never go to the beach for breakfast, but sometimes we have McDonalds, or fish and chips"
The story of his subtle cranky teenage ways; until he realises he's having fun. Just like another teenager we know.
The story of her exploring, discovering that salt water tastes awful, that she can splash with her hands, but splashing with her feet leads to falling over; and dad is always there to catch her.

I can't think of better reasons to blog.

* Natalie's tears were because Douglas threw away a cuttlefish without showing her. Not thirty seconds later, she was on the hunt for seaweed for sandman hair.

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  1. I find that my love of blogging comes in peaks and troughs. I'm hitting a trough at the moment so going to take a bit of a break. My post tomorrow will tell more. I love blogging so I won't be gone for long and I will still be thinking up blog posts in my head no doubt!! I'm glad you're getting back into it and you're lucky to have your children to blog about. Mine are all grown and along with my husband don't want to be talked about or pictured on my blog. Hope you're remembered to change your camera settings back now! LOL ;-)

  2. Well this is a great re entry post. Wonderful story capturing through words and photos xx

  3. What gorgeous pictures and a great return xx

  4. You are spot on with this post. I too get caught with being busy with kids, the job and life in general, then because my mind is so full of STUFF I can't think of anything to blog about and claim writer's block! I need to look right in front of me like you have: the stories are right there. Thanks for reminding me x

  5. So glad that you found your blogging heart again. Keep sharing your stories with us and saving them for your children.

  6. I love the black and white effect. I can imagine the exact scenario leading to tears. The precious cuttlefish swiftly forgotten. It takes me back. Good to hear you have your groove back, Cate.

  7. Beautiful pictures. I feel out of love with blogging recently too, it felt too forced. I think that I had fallen back into the trap of feeling like I *had* to blog about mental illness when I know that, that is not my whole lift and not the only thing I enjoy writing about.

  8. Your photos really capture the feel of a morning on the beach, I like the black and white! Your post is a perfect example that you don't have to spend a lot of money to have fun, the simple pleasures are best. I bet that friend remembers breakfast on the beach far better than any McDonalds!

  9. Love the resin for the B&W pics.......and that they turned out so well. ....also love that you've remembered your reason for blogging- your kids are going to thank you for that! Xx

  10. I hit a wall with blogging late last year. I think we all do. I love your photos, the beach is my happy place. xx

  11. I can't think of a better reason either. No matter what anyone else says, blog for you first. Glad to hear you've found your place again.

  12. I feel like I am going through a bit of a slump at the moment and not just with the blog. I think we truly need to find "our happy place" then that will show through in other parts of our lives and give you inspiration.....I'm going looking.......

  13. The black and white actually shows up the structure of faces, I think, that the distraction of colour - these are lovely. And you are so right - stories are the point :).

  14. I'm glad that you found the reason again and the pics and stories share it so well. I found the b&w refreshing while also making me really focus on the people.


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