Thursday 12 March 2015

review | dyson cool AM06 desk fan

This item was gifted to me, all opinions are mine
AM06 Desk Fan RRP $A449
 When I was asked if I wanted to review a fan from the new Dyson Cool range, my first thought was "what point of difference can I bring to a review"? Then Sophie discovered that her fingers fit through the grill of the pedestal fan in Natalie's bedroom, and I realised that the technology that makes the fan bladeless was something I needed to know more about.

The day after I arrived home from Melbourne with the fan in my suitcase, the airconditioner in our bedroom died. And Steve works nights, sleeping all day. And our bedroom gets full sun all morning. But it took less than thirty seconds to click this fan together and get it plugged in (there goes my plan to show photos of how quick it is to assemble!) Steve slept well, and the fan lived in our bedroom for a week while we sorted out airconditioning (hey, this is Queensland, it's hot at night, too!)

The fan didn't miss a beat, running 24hrs a day for that week; oscillating, running flat out, even being poked by all the kids. It was fantastic.

Then I moved it into the craft room (also at the front of the house, in full sun for half the day) and it still hasn't missed a beat.

Here's a little bit of the technical stuff from the website
Dyson Cool fans are up to 75% quieter than the previous generation. Dyson engineers have reduced turbulence throughout the machine by channeling airflow more efficiently.
... Improved airflow paths that reduce turbulence... allows the AM06 to consume 40% less power.
 A fan that looks good, is quiet, and reduces power? If it was self-dusting, it would be the perfect appliance (but it takes two seconds to wipe with a cloth, so I've even dusted it a couple of times!)

The absolute best part is the magnetised remote that sticks to the top of the fan; even when Sophie gets her hands on it, it's only to play with it by dropping it down onto the magnet. And there's no more cleaning the desk to find the remote, because it isn't lost (and the desk is clean this week.)

Do you have fans in your house? How often do you dust them?

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