Tuesday 24 March 2015

5 things I wish I knew about high school in grade 8

I have the most amazing guest post today - from Chloe. She has a way with words, my girl, and I'm amazed at how grown up she has become.

1. It isn't actually THAT scary and no one is judging you.

Yes you're a lot shorter than all the seniors, yeah you're hair isn't right and you have to wear glasses/braces/etc. but guess what? Absolutely not a single person cares. High school isn't scary and no one is judging you. Especially not anyone older than you. I'm already a term into my last year and I promise you the only thing I notice about anyone younger than me is the fact that they're bloody tall and some of them are taller than me. And if you are getting judged then it doesn't matter anyways, why? Because in four/five short years it's over and you're going to be out in the big wide world.

2. DO NOT follow the crowd.

In your first year your friends are probably going to act up in class but if they're doing that now they're definitely not the right friends. One year they're acting up in class and the next they're asking you to go and get absolutely blind, rotten drunk at a party on the weekend. No way. If you value your education at least a tiny, little bit then you'll step back from those friends and find some new ones. It may seem drastic but seriously if your friends are awful human beings (treating teachers badly, acting out for attention etc.) they aren't worth your time or care. High school is hard but with the right sort of friends you will get enough support to help you through the bad times.

3. Please don't procrastinate.

So you have an assignment due tomorrow and you haven't started it yet? Yeah that's not good. High school is all about time management. I'll tell you a secret, time management is difficult. Parents are going to tell you it's easy, because they've done it before but for a first timer it's hard as heck. As soon as you get an assignment piece start it, do not put it off till the last minute. If you can get time management down pat in your first year at high school you are going to do beautifully for the rest of high school, I'm not even joking.

4. Boyfriends/girlfriends aren't worth it.

There is no point in being consumed by a boyfriend/girlfriend in your first year of high school. I'm going to be real here; from all of my friends I have there is only ONE person who is still with their boyfriend. And they've been friends since childhood. Being in a relationship shouldn't be your one goal of high school.

5. School is only a small start to the rest of your life.

Yes, high school is tough. A teacher told me that some of the tests I'm doing in my last year of high school are harder than the tests she did during her last year of university. But leaving high school is exciting, planning your future life is exciting. I get giddy just thinking about the things I will be doing next year, your life can only go up and if you think that high school is the worst thing in the world just remember that following it through and keeping your head up high is going to get you so many places.


  1. Plus in 2, 5, 10 yrs time you'll look back and wonder why you wasted your time worrying so much about what the cool kids were doing anyway. Also as soon as you leave high school nobody cares who the popular kids were.

  2. Excellent post. Yes and as the yet as pass on after you finish high school I'll guarantee you, you won't remember half of the kids names.

  3. My goodness. what a wise young lady! I hope she can get to publish this in her school magazine, or in any bulletin that goes out to all the newbies. Stellar writing!

  4. I'm
    Going to share this with my kids :)

  5. It is sooo good to learn study skills early (eg no procrastination).

  6. Clever girl! I am going to clip this one to Evernote and bring it out in 2017 when Max heads off to his first year of high school. This is such good advice. x

  7. And listen to your big sister, she sounds like she really had her head screwed on well xx


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