Thursday 26 March 2015

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I was gifted these items. All opinions are mine.
We go through lots of yoghurt in this house. But it only occured to me about a year ago to buy big tubs and decant it, before then I was buying the 12 packs of small tubs, and constantly picking up empty tubs, lids dropped on the floor, and sometimes unfinished tubs.

But finding the perfect container to carry yoghurt to daycare (where there was a fridge for lunch boxes) and school (with no fridges) has been a nightmare. Anything works for daycare, but we admited defeat about six months ago, and stopped sending yoghurt to school. Now that Riley is at school, though, I needed to come up with a solution to the problem.

Enter reusable pouches from My Lil Pouch.

A Queensland-owned and operated company, My Lil Pouch was started by Sarah, a busy mum of 2 sets of twins, after a family camping trip saw her drowning in inconvenient packaging and hungry toddlers. After only 3 years of operation, My Lil Pouch is the number one reusable pouch brand in Australia.

I made up a mix of 100ml pouches and 200ml pouches. I made up this peanut butter banana smoothie for Douglas, and some yoghurt pouches for Riley. Riley said the 100ml pouch "wasn't enough", but I think he just wanted to blue camo print. Douglas has decided he doesn't need to use lunch boxes, so putting the pouches in the freezer means the contents are melted but still cool by morning tea.

I over-filled a couple of the pouches, but you can see from the bottom right photo that the fill line is quite easy to see when filling. The double zip seal is quite strong, I tried pushing and squishing to make it pop but couldn't do it, so they will survive school bags.

Riley said the small regular lid was a bit hard, so I swapped over to the choke safe lids, and he said they were much better to open. The pouches fit easily into lunch boxes, and now that it's a little cooler during the day, we don't use ice bricks if the pouches are frozen.

The pouches are top shelf dishwasher safe, or easy to wash under the tap. Make sure you pre-wash before use, and expand the bottom gusset to make filling easier!

You can also buy ebooks for pouch recipes and ice pop recipes, something I need to get, because I can't see past yoghurt!

If you'd like to try My Lil Pouch reusable pouches, Sarah is offering readers free shipping until the end of April, using the code FREEPURPLE

What else could you put in these pouches?

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