Thursday 16 April 2015

review | Tiptoe&Co baby shoes

As a Pisces, I've always been a little bit obssessed with shoes, but I have always believed that children don't need to wear shoes for the first couple of years while their feet are developing. But living in Queensland doesn't always make this possible when independent children want

I had *seen* Chelsea, the owner of Tiptoe&Co, around facebook groups a bit, and Toni owns more shoes for Hayley than she does for herself, so I knew where to start looking for shoes when we needed them. (My one attempt at *cheap* shoes from the department stores fell apart after two days!)

After drooling looking at baby shoes for hours (Sophie has just as many blue pairs of shoes as she does pink), I settled on a pair and set about measuring Sophie's foot. Don't rely on age to choose the size! Our first pair was sized 12-18 months, and she was almost 18 months when we got them, and has only just last week grown out of them at 21 months.
The insoles are padded, the soft soles have grips underneath, and I really wish I could get beautiful leather shoes for the other kids and I! 
Sophie loves wearing them, and is very good at the putting-shoes-on-before-going-out routine (and can often be found just wearing shoes around the house)

How many pairs of shoes do you own?
This is NOT a sponsored post, I purchased these shoes myself. 


  1. They look so soft and comfortable! I'm with you in wishing we could find some like that for us!! :)

  2. Yep we're a little bit addicted to them!

  3. I feel these shoes are made for my cute little baby.

  4. These are good looking shoes for your baby! A friend gifted us with a pair of Airmax for our son but didn't work. He eventually outgrew them since there was no way it can fit his chubby feet. So I eventually bought something similar with soft leather and it was perfect.


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