Monday 13 April 2015

hello monday

hello, last week of holidays. I forgot that with both Steve and Douglas away, I would be left with the 3 little ones. Last week kind of wiped me out - Sophie and I both ended up sick, but we needed to keep soldiering on. This week Douglas is home, Steve has picked up an extra run, and we're a bit more organised for play dates.

hello, article writing. I'm a contributing writer for Families Magazine Brisbane now. It's an interesting experience, completely different to writing for And Sew We Craft, and I'm learning heaps about Brisbane, starting with all these places kids can learn to ride a horse.

hello, curtain making. You might have seen me mention on instagram yesterday that we decided to flip the kids bedrooms. Rather than have Riley and Douglas share a room, which has been our plan for the last six months, we decided it made more sense for Natalie and Riley to share, at least for a little while. To make that happen, we had to swap rooms. Douglas' room was still the original colour we painted it when we moved in, but Nat's needed just a quick coat to refresh it (we had repainted it entirely when Chloe was living with us in 2011) New curtains and light fittings and woodwork painting, and they'll be just like new rooms.

hello, outdoor adventures. One of the up sides of holidays is it makes me get out of the house more, and I always enjoy it when I do (and wonder why I don't do it more often. every.single.time.)

hello, Monday, a new start every week.


  1. A busy and productive weekend - and good to hear that getting outside lifts your spirits. Well done on the new writing venture!

  2. Congrats on the new contributing writer work! Sounds like y'all have been busy.


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