Saturday 4 April 2015

us right now

a monthly stocktake of life right now for the whole family
he had been home ten minutes when she said "photo time"

but he most of the Easter weekend off (just doing one night run on Easter Sunday)

he hasn't done any DIY chores this week

but has helped with lots of cleaning jobs
she is in need of new tshirts that don't get "kitchened"

but needs to sort out the floordrobe first, there may be some lurking

she is enjoying the pottering of the Easter weekend

now the cleaning jobs are done and everyone has stopped yelling
he is off to Perth on Monday to visit his brothers for a week

and has this idea in his head that he's staying there (because "no one will make him do jobs there")

he now has a facebook account (in the hopes that the crappy behaviour will change)

hasn't worked so far
she loved seeing Cinderella with mum yesterday

and has decided we need to add it to our collection when it comes out on DVD

she has been pretty naughty this weekend

if only she would learn the lessons of Cinderella
he has helped with the clean up jobs this weekend better than the others

but has done other naughty stuff

he loved building the Easter Bunny trap at school

and was sad that the trap didn't catch EB
she has decided she wants to potty train already

but misses more often than she makes it

she is always so happy when dad is home

{I'm sure she wakes up ealier than usual, just so she can play with him}


  1. I always smile when I see this title for your blog post - I know I am in for some charming photos and some frank-speaking mixed in with huge dollops of love :).

  2. Love the post as always...and Alexa's comment is spot on! Xx

  3. Great post sharing life at your place right now! Hope y'all had a blessed Easter!


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