Wednesday 27 May 2015

Day in the Life

Today's prompt wordless wednesday Share photos from a day in your life
The sky was gorgeous while Natalie was walking the dog
I wanted to see how well the Olympus photographed in gloomy first-morning light
Get my breakfast started, then check on the kids
Drinking milk from the bowl
Lunch box production line
Off to school
Walking downstairs
On the bag rack
Riley's is the blue one at the front
We remembered library books today
The view on our walk
Fresh muffins for morning tea
Finally watching the planner class
Sophie is awake

Tomorrow's prompt  what do you collect? everyone has something that they collect when they go new places, besides photos and memories. What's your thing?

{life behind the purple door}



  1. Lovely glimpse of your day - I especially like the photos of the children each doing their thing at the same point in the morning, and am sure that will be fascinating for them in years to come ... Are you enjoying the planner class?

  2. Nice pictures for a glimpse into your day


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