Thursday 28 May 2015

What do you collect?

Today's prompt what do you collect? everyone has something that they collect when they go new places, besides photos and memories. What's your thing?
When I was a kid, I collected spoons. My grandparents collected them, and I loved looking at their collection hanging on the wall, so I started collecting them. I think my parents liked the idea, because it wasn't toy-tat like my brother and sister collected. My spoons have moved house and state with me for thirty years, in the same ratty shoebox they've been in all my life. Currently, they're stuck in the bottom of the linen cupboard, away from prying fingers.

As I've got older, my interests have changed. I sometimes wonder what will happen to all my stuff when I'm gone, whether it will mean the same to the kids as it does to me. I think about how much space it takes up in my life, and wonder if they will allow the same space in their lives.

And then I stop pondering those thoughts, and start looking for postcards. Back in 2011, Shimelle ran a class called Explore. It's another one of those classes that I dipped in and out of, reading and trying to play along (it came at the perfect time, just as we were heading off to Melbourne) One of the suggestions in the class was to buy postcards wherever you are, and write about your day on it, then send it off in the post. I thought this was a great idea, although I've never actually managed to mail them to myself (we've never stayed away long enough to hunt down stamps.)

But I still collect the postcards. (And I collect mugs, too)

What do you collect?

Tomorrow's prompt  what have you learnt this month? Blogging every day can be hard work. What lessons have you learnt?
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  1. I have collected post cards since I was a kid although as an adult I started collecting shot glasses in all the international cities I visited. Inexpensive & easy to pack :)

  2. I share your thoughts about what will happen to 'stuff' in the future, Cate! I tend to keep tickets and receipts and anything small I might incorporate onto a page of a journal, but I don't have any collections. That postcard isea sounds great - if only the post were reliable!

  3. I too collect postcards among other things. I had fun taking pictures of my collections and posting them on my blog today


    Have a great day

  5. Collecting postcards sounds like a wonderful way to keep track of travel and travel thoughts. With the pocket pages, they would be easy to store too! My post for today is here:

  6. I like that idea of writing about the day on a postcard! I wrote about our collecting Christmas ornaments here:


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