Monday 4 May 2015

Hello Monday

Today's prompt change the focus of your week by saying hello to Monday I shared last week why I say hello to Monday, this week I want you to give it a try - you can make it a to do list, listing the things you're going to do (or dreaming of doing), or a list of things you are grateful for.
hello, extra work shift. Kind of messes up his sleep patterns for the weekend, but was so needed after my accidental fines last week.

hello, junior cross country. Ever since Chloe started school, cross country has been the one thing I've always managed to get to every year. It got rained out before the school holidays, but has finally been rescheduled for the little kids to this Wednesday.

hello, newsletter writing. I'm juggling so many balls at the moment, I feel like I'm failing a little bit. I took the weekend off to refocus, but this week I need to write some newsletters (sign up for And Sew We Craft or Foot in the Door)

hello, optometrist. Douglas is overdue for his eye check, and has been complaining of headaches. Time for new glasses, I think.

hello, sticky date pudding. I've been relying on packages from the supermarket a lot, but I'm a little bit fed up with that. Today, I'm making sticky date pudding for dessert.

Tomorrow's prompt from the archives share a post from a past May. Either repost, or update on something that happened. The catch? It has to be at least two years old. (If you haven't been blogging that long, that's ok, go back six months to a year, instead.)
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  1. I love Sticky Date Pudding but have never made it from scratch. I should probably fix that and make it soon, the weather is certainly ready for it.

    Our cross country isn't until term 3 but C is already training for it. He came 3rd last year but want to do better this year... Try convincing that kid that 3rd is a fantastic result. He won the age champion for the athletics carnival last year so wants to make sure he does it again.

  2. We had cross country last week and only just with the precarious weather of late! I hope you enjoy! PS Please share your Sticky Date pudding recipe ;)

  3. Sounds like a few things on your to do list this week! hope you get through them all.

  4. You certainly are juggling a lot of balls right now, Cate! (BTW - I'm enjoying your captioned photos for each each prompt, a nice extra touch!)

  5. Over here we call it Sticky Toffee Pudding even though there's no toffee in it and it's made with dates! I wonder how the recipes compare? Do you have butterscotch sauce poured over yours?
    Seems weird to think that you're entering Autumn when we are just enjoying spring weather!

  6. sounds like a very busy week!

  7. Being of working mother of little ones is exhausting without any extras throw in. You sound very busy. Hope you find some "you" time in the week!


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