Monday 25 May 2015

Hello Monday

Today's prompt say hello to Monday what are your goals for this week?
hello crazy big ideas. A couple of weeks ago, someone linked to the Secret Bloggers Business 5 day eproduct challenge. Being a sucker for learning everything I can, I signed up. And this post from By Regina was timely.

hello mistakes. I made a couple last week, and they cost me more than I realised. And in a situation that was almost farcical, I fixed the problem, and got told off for that, too!

hello winter. I think we can safely say you have arrived in Queensland.

hello camping. Just twelve days until our first winter trip since Sophie was born. We're all counting down.

What are you saying hello to today?

Tomorrow's prompt  remember when share a memory from your childhood, your story is important to tell, too

{life behind the purple door}



  1. Have on your trip and camping - it sounds like fun

  2. You got me on your "hello crazy ideas".......I signed up as well! LOL
    Your camping trip sounds wonderful......hope all are safe and have more fun than a barrel of monkeys!
    P.S. - Is there a linky for today?

  3. Hello there. I didn't see a linky today so i will post my hellos here. Have a great day.

  4. A winter camping are braver than I am Cate !!!


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