Sunday 24 May 2015

5 Tips to rock PBEVENT

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So you've stepped out of your comfort zone, and bought a ticket to your first ever blogging conference.

Now what?

Well, the first thing I did, after deciding that not going was a waste of money, was started a pinterest board.

The next thing was to decide to write a blog series about getting ready for a conference.

This is the first post in a mini series of five between now and August.

Knowing your WHY

Knowing why you want to do something will help you work out what your goals are for the event, and not waste the opportunities that are sure to come your way from being there, even if it's just an opportunity to speak to someone face to face.

Have a LIST

One thing I see over and over again in wrap up posts is people saying they didn't get to meet such and such a blogger. Write down a list of the people you want to introduce yourself to! This is mostly a reminder for me, because I'm more likely to let my introversion get in the way, but with a list I can confidently walk up to people and say hi.

Be prepared to not SLEEP

For most bloggers, heading to ProBlogger is a chance to ditch the kids and focus on themselves for a couple of days. The kids are having fun at home with dad, and you're inspired by all the people you meet. Be prepared to arrive home ready to sleep for 3 days, because you've spent so much time talking and planning, eating and sometimes drinking.

Be open to LEARNING

I saw a conversation in a facebook group a few weeks ago where a blogger said "I've been blogging a long time, I don't think I'll learn anything there." Boy, is she shutting herself off from the experience! She's right, she might not learn anything about blogging from the speakers at the event, but she might learn how to take better food photos from a blogger she chats to over breakfast; or she might learn a quicker way to schedule posts from a blogger she shares a drink with at the networking event. My point is, by saying she knows lots about blogging, she's not leaving herself open for learning something unexpected. She doesn't know what she doesn't know until she's there.


You're going. Make it worth your time (and your family's), and make the most of the experience by not hiding down the back of the room next to a wall. [another note for me.]

What tips would you add?

Tomorrow's prompt  say hello to Monday what are your goals for this week?

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  1. I'm not going to PB Event unfortunately, but I am going to Little Blog Big soon here in Adelaide and I think some of these tips will be useful for that too. I often let my introversion get the better of me!

    1. Little Blog Big was a fun learning day form me in Sydney. Unfortunately I'm not able to get to ProBlogger this year either.

    2. I'm heading to PB so I'm missing out on Little Blog Big in Adelaide. Say hi to Carly and Christine for me. Zoe xx

  2. You are going to have such a great time Cate - I just know it!! My tip would be to not worry about what everyone else is thinking . . . I know I have a habit at big events to feel like everyone is judging me or looking at me and I'm not wearing the right thing (LOL) . . . but really everyone is there to learn & many of them are nervous, too! And be prepared to laugh at yourself if you need to - I was co-chairing a banquet for 300+ people once & almost landed on my face as I tripped over the Indian Sari I was wearing. It was much better to laugh about my clumsiness (& admire the fact that the Indian women can wear them all day long & not trip!) than to be embarrassed.

  3. I'm sure you wrote this for me - thank you!

  4. This year I am aiming to spend more time checking out the program and researching the various speakers beforehand. Last year it kind of crept up on me and I ran out of time. (I was probably more concerned with how nervous I was!) I'm not as familiar with the overseas speakers and think I would have got more out of their sessions if I had read up on them more beforehand.


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