Saturday 23 May 2015

Pinners I love to repin

Today's prompt share ten pinners you love to follow We all have such varied interests, finding new pinners to follow is fun!
I worked out recently that I've been on pinterest a long time, since early 2011 in fact. That's five years! I love nothing more than to research a topic via pinterest (don't you use it like google?), or spend a quiet Saturday morning pinning while Steve sleeps (although this morning I had to shop, kids want to eat all the time!)

In no particular order, here are ten pinners I follow and repin regularly
  • Marcy Penner. A wide variety of craft, scrapbooking, DIY boards.
  • Successful Blogging. Blogging is my biggest area of interest. Sue pins plenty of material that I haven't seen before.
  • Katepickle. Kate pins a huge variety from recipes, kid activities, mindful parenting.
  • Erika Sissons. Well known in the scrapbooking community, Erika pins a huge variety of layouts, craft and DIY.
  • Maxabella. I've especially been loving Bron's screen-free pins lately.
  • Julie Ann Shahin. Boards focused on DIY, art journalling, cards, seasonal, you're sure to find something to repin here.
  • Anne @ Domesblissity. Anne pins lots of amazing recipes, from her blog and others.
  • LouisaG. I love the quotes Louisa finds, they often pop up just as I need to hear the words.
  • Johoanna Robson. A great range of art journalling, earth goddess, Dungeons&Dragons boards.
  • About the Garden. A great collection of gardening articles from an Australian blog.
Who's your favourite pinner?

Tomorrow's prompt free choice share any story you want to
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  1. Oh Cate, this was a fun prompt! I've visited a number of your links and now have some new boards to follow! Can't wait to see what others post!

  2. I love Pinterest - I will have to check out the boards you follow as I am always looking for new people to follow

  3. I haven't really grasped an understanding of how to use Pinterest. I will one day. In the meantime I'll check out these sites Cate and also yours :) The Successful Blogging one sounds especially interesting.

  4. Hi Cate! I'm still on track for blog every day in May! But I had a giveaway scheduled for yesterday so I'm catching up with the 10 pinners post today :)

  5. That looks like a great bunch of INSPIRATION!!!


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