Monday 8 June 2015

Hello Monday

Hello, washing pile and temperamental washing machine. Could take a while to get through the camping pile.

Hello, scrapbook layout. As I was sitting in the sun yesterday, listening to the noise of the kids playing (and the occasional bickering), Sophie was rolling around on her tummy on her ball. I was reminded of a little boy who used to do the same thing, and ran for my camera; that's a layout that needs to be made.

Hello, school P&C. I've avoided being involved for the last 8 years, but having recently finished up my time in scouting, I guess someone thought I needed something to fill my days. I just attend meetings at the moment, and run the school facebook page, but I'm sure it will expand into something more, it's ten years before Sophie finishes primary school!

Hello, insomnia. It strikes at the oddest moments, and often manifests as way-too-early mornings, instead of sleepless nights. I tend to use the time reading a book, which means I'm getting through my book club books for a change.

What are you saying hello to this week?


  1. Hoping your sleep pattern gets better for you - hard to function if we're a bit short of it. Blooming technology - don't you just hate it when it fails? Looking forward to seeing Sophie on that layout! and wishing you a happy week.

  2. A huge case of insomnia here, as well as far too much on when I can hardly think straight.

  3. Totally commiserating with you on the insomnia... I guess misery loves company!


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