Monday 22 June 2015

Hello Monday

Hello, sick toddler. It looks like teeth, but it could also be a cold. Hopefully, she's better by Sunday.

Hello, blog writing. I've always got great ideas for helpful posts, but juggling time to write is hard (or else, I procrastinate)

Hello, 52 sleeps. I'm counting down to ProBlogger conference. And I know I'm not the only one.

Hello, bullet journal. I've been using a bullet journal for 18 months now, in fits and starts, and it's still the right planner style for me. This week, I need to set up calendars for the rest of the year.

Hello, school holidays. I usually hate school holidays, but with a firm plan in place for dealing with them, I think we'll all survive with our sanity intact.

Hello, blogging groups. I stumbled on a couple of different groups last week that have kept me busy on facebook - Blog Exchange from Agent Mystery Case; and Blogging on Your Own Terms from Daniela Uslan (fun fact -  Daniela lives on Brickell Avenue, in Miami, Florida. I had a minor stalkery moment when I emailed her with a big giggle!)

Hello, Monday,  a new start every week.


  1. Thanks for finding Blog Exchange. I'm really enjoying catching up with everyone's 'blog like there's nobody reading' posts. I had no idea so many would hit publish on this posts.

  2. We have teething happening in our house, too. And the tail end of a lingering cold that just won't go away!

  3. I have tons of ideas for blog posts, too, and hope to get some of them published this week!


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