Friday 28 August 2015

My 5 takeaways from pbevent

After trying to recount each day at ProBlogger last week, I realised that I needed to take a break from even thinking about the weekend at all, and put all thoughts out of my mind for a few days. I've only just sat down with my notes again today, and I'm struck by how many notes I actually took, and how clear they are! We're able to access the event recordings now, and I plan to sit with my notes and take more notes on the bits that I missed, in order to flesh them out a bit.

The biggest thing to come out of the weekend for me (besides Sophie finally night weaning) has been recognising that my One Little Word® for 2016 has already appeared to me. As big as BRAVE has been for me this year, my word next year will be equally as strong.*
So, did I learn anything from the speakers? Well, yes, of course I did. If you followed my instagram or facebook page, you would have seen me hashtagging everything with #iamaglowstick all weekend. This made so much sense to me, both from the bending to be brave perspective, and the shine like a glowstick idea. It's something that I'll embrace again.

So, in no particular order (except the order of my notes), here are the stand out quotes for me, and why.

1 the wellbeing of my blog is tied to the wellbeing of me Darren Rowse kicked off his keynote speech with this line, and I started nodding my head. It wasn't until I started making an effort to move my feet this year that I realised how much of a slump I had been in. Granted, it's not totally sorted out, and I have some days where I feel like sitting in a corner rocking from the overwhelm, but just getting out in the sun can make a small difference. Now if only I could solve the overwhelm, I think I might be on to a winner.

2 a business has paying customers, a brand has ambassadors Jadah Selner from Simple Green Smoothies took the mic next. This quote stood out of me as I reflected on my own buying habits - when I buy things from people, I generally buy everything they produce, and shout out to the world how fabulous they are, but not on first meeting, only after we've partied for a time.

3 the need to be inspired is universal Ruth Soukup from Living Well Spending Less shared a powerful keynote address at the end of the weekend, but this quote came from her Pinterest101 workshop. And while I don't necessarily have issues with pinterest (I've found that one of the best ways to grow is to pin, regularly, every day), it was interesting to hear Ruth's advice for images and inspiration.

4 stop researching keywords, start listening to customers Kate Toon from The Recipe for SEO Success shared these words she got straight from the mouth of Rand Fishkin. I listened intently, because researching [everything] is something that I'm prone to do; overthink and forget to actually act. {replace "readers" with "customers"}

5 share, don't consume I can't remember if these words came from Carly's mouth, or Christina's, but like the quote before, I'm an excellent consumer, but a crap sharer. I need to get better at sharing, because I read so many amazing things that other people should read, too.
And what of the one thing I'm going to action [for now]? I've vaguely had a goal in mind that says "grow email list" for most of this year, but I always grapple with making specific, measurable goals**, so I waffle. A couple of months ago I had an even vaguer idea about starting a new list and sending a weekly email, but I binned the idea when I missed the arbitrary date I had set myself to get the first issue out by getting sick.

But ProBlogger made me realise in a way that I've been avoiding with BRAVE, that I'm my own worst enemy, and I need to get out of my way. So the Hello Monday*** list was born. And a stern note to actually send the monthly newsletter**** each month. because you know what they say, if you want something done, ask a busy person.

* There's only 119 sleeps to Christmas, meaning there's only 126 sleeps until the New Year. You're welcome.
** The goal for both lists is 100 people by Christmas. One newsletter is closer to this goal than the other.
*** Launching September 7th, the Hello Monday newsletter will be a welcome to each week, thoughtful articles to read, and ideas to help reframe our Mondayitis.
**** Sent on the 15th of each month, sporadically over the past year but with a schedule for the coming year, Foot in the Door provides a peek into the month that was, and the month to come with links to favourite blog posts, thoughts on adventures, and life.

And just like that, the ProBlogger wrap up is done. Was it worth it? Totally. Even the workshop I didn't walk out of gave me something to learn. Would I go again? Yes. Although I'm not sure I would go a third time (but never say never), I think I need to go a second time, because the nerves wouldn't go with me, so all those things I didn't do this year I could do with ease a second time. I've got my fingers crossed that the dates, when announced, won't fall in September next year!


  1. I think you're still ahead of me with the email idea. I still haven't set mine up.

  2. I purposely stepped back after Problogger because I just had so many things I wanted to do, and I needed some time to process it all before I made any decisions. Like you, I've been considering email lists, but first up, I need to become a bit more organised in my time management.

  3. Thanks for sharing your take aways from PB. It sounds like everyone took away lots of useful fodder and I can only imagine what is was like to be surrounded by so many like minded people. XX

  4. Great wrap up Cate!! I've done two PB posts so far but both are in relation to before the conference even started. I had to step back from it all to let it sink in and so I could reflect on what I truly got out of it all. I've started typing up a post to summarize my key learnings from Day 1 but it still needs more time, thought and finessing. I'm not sure why I'm finding it so hard but maybe because there are so many other PB event wrap up posts that it requires some time and thought to write mine authentically and not be swayed by the general consensus if that makes sense! :-)

  5. I like that first point - I hadn't thought about that. My mood definitely plummeted when I missed out on an opportunity I thought I would get....will consider more closely. Also, not sure if I entirely understand the 5th point....I think I do both, but I'm not sure.

  6. Events like these can be a great way to kickstart some movement in our lives. Good luck with all your plans.

  7. It definitely sounds like it was beneficial for you Cate! Looking forward to the newsletters in September! :)

  8. It sounds like Problogger was an awesome experience for you Cate. Good luck with all the planning. I hope the buzz stays with you for a long time xx


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