Thursday 3 September 2015

Day in the Life | Chloe's Formal

Chloe is sharing her adventures getting ready for formal at the end of July

It’s official. The 31st of July is formal (prom for people in most other countries). I’m going to do a day in the life and share my formal experience with you. For just about everyone I know formal is a day where you dress up pretty and show off your dance moves (even though we all have two left feet). It’s a day where you can feel important and special and just show off really.
Officially at the hairdressers. Their first client on an exceptionally busy day. It was the only appointment that they had left two months ago and I’m learning that you really need to be in advance if you want to actually book appointments in a small town. Up until two days ago I had no idea how I was getting my hair done but after much deliberation I decided to go for an elegant French knot (my entire look has a very vintage vibe to it).
My hair is done and I don’t have anything to do until my makeup at 2:30 this afternoon. Of course grandma wants to show me off to a few of her friends and I see a plethora of my own friends who are doing their formals tonight as well. We’re all giddy with nerves and anticipation at how it’s going to look. I have a fair idea at the inside since I was there last night until 6:30 because I was setting up (look how dedicated I am!!) and the only thing was left to do was set up the centrepieces. There won’t be too much surprise for me this year since I’m both the committee leaders right-hand woman (and exceptionally close friend) and I’m also an employee for the decorator this year. 
I’ve eaten (just in case the food for formal sucks) and I’m waiting nervously until I leave to get my makeup done. I have a fair idea what I’m getting done but for an organisation queen I’ve pretty much left everything until the last moment. I didn’t order my corsage until Monday (because I’m going stag I’ve had to do those sorts of things myself), I didn’t decide how I was getting my nails done until ten minutes before the appointment and even now, 30 minutes before my makeup appointment, I haven’t decided how I’m getting it done. But I have a plan and it goes like this: My makeup will take around an hour, as soon as that is done it’s straight to getting my corsage, then at 3:30 I have to meet my best friend, her formal partner and both of our boyfriends for photos at the railway line. That plan takes me up to 5. After it’s getting ready to arrive at formal, in front of a lot of people. My town is so ridiculously small that any sort of events attract huge amounts of attention. Everyone’s parents, grandparents, friends, family, etc. want to be there and so I’ll be getting out of the car tonight and hoping I don’t trip straight over my dress as I walk down the carpet.
Formal is long since over. The night was a huge success and I could not be happier about it. After my makeup it was straight to grabbing my corsage and then to photos. They lasted a full two hours and after those I was about ready to go to sleep and yet I still had to arrive and finish off my night (and early morning). Nerves officially set in when I was getting photos done but everything went off with a hitch and my night was one of the best I’ve ever experienced.


  1. Oh my goodness Cate, she is absolutely stunning! What a lovely post, I'm so pleased to read that the evening was a total success.

  2. You must be so happy and proud, glad Chloe enjoyed her day! Xx


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