Wednesday 9 September 2015

What's on my desk

Wednesday is still my crafting day with Caitlin, but I haven't actually done anything crafty since book week (and for a long period of time before then, too) Sharing what's on my desk might inspire me to actually create something, or at the very least put it away and make space for something new next week.
A couple of weeks ago I headed to Spotlight for And Sew We Craft, but ended up sick the next day and have struggled to do much in the time since then. But I'm finally on the mend, so it's time to crack out the knit fabrics and sewing machine, and sew up some dresses for the girls (just in time for the warmer weather!)

During the holidays I'm planning to get the kids using the tanabata stars*. They're a great tool for all ages to build, create patterns and work on maths games, and I think they will be awesome for getting the kids working together on projects.

My ProBlogger notebook seems to move from one desk to another as I reread the notes I took, and dream about quiet times so I can listen to the podcasts of the sessions I missed.

There was such an excited response on Monday to my idea of making October 31 days of cookies that now I need to plan thirty one recipes! I get to pull out mountains of cook books, browse magazines (I use the Zinio app on my iPad), and peruse Pinterest and call it work!

What's on your desk this week?

* I was gifted the tanabata stars by Sweet Elephants


  1. Oh gosh, is that the C word I spot on your desk already? Yikes, you are organised, my friend!

  2. I know what you mean about the ProBlogger not book same is happening and continued and ongoing mind-mapping. In fact it's gotten big so I've had to move to the office floor and spread out.

  3. Such a happy colorful set of items on your desk!


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