Friday 11 September 2015

Dear Riley, today you are six

Dear Riley

today, you are six

you've been counting down since the start of the month

and greeted me this morning with the news that there were no more days left.

I don't know which you're more excited about,

your school excursion, or McDonalds for dinner.

Since you started school, you've grown so much

from a little boy who shared a bedroom with mum

to a big boy, sharing a room with Natalie.

You've worn through four pairs of shoes since school started

and you'll need a new hat soon

but you've learnt so much - how to read, and spell and count.

You still have moments of total boy -

dad and I joked yesterday that sending you to school was a bad idea because you talk. all. the. time.

and you love afternoons in the backyard throwing sticks on the fire.

Your favourite colour is still green

and you've picked chocolate cake to share with your friends.

You have grown so much in the last year

and you are so very loved.

Happy birthday, Riley.


  1. well if he's anything like his big sister all of his teacher's will start writing on his report card that he's too talkative and for the next twelve years the comment's keep rolling in the same.

  2. Wishing him and you a Happy Birthday - such a lot to be glad about and proud of :). And I am sure he'll love these reminders about himself when he is older ...

  3. Happy Birthday - I know he's glad the wait is over & I so hope he enjoyed his special day!


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