Monday 14 September 2015

Hello Monday

hello, baking. As you can imagine, I baked lots of cakes last week. And it was so much fun, even with Sophie sticking her finger in the batter every two seconds. This week, I'm starting on 31 cookies. {have you got a favourite cookie? Tell me about it in the comments, I might add it to my baking list}

hello, routine. It's been surprisingly easy to slip into a routine now Steve is home every night. And Douglas has been so awesome, no tantrums or arguments.

hello, playgrounds. We quit playgroup at the end of last year, all our friends had left, and the ladies who remained were open with their dislike of me, so I opted to keep Sophie away from that environment. But it means that we hardly get out of the house, and Sophie doesn't get to play with other kids. We had so much fun meeting Toni at the park a couple of weeks ago that we're going to start checking out our local playgrounds again.

hello, book reading. I do a lot of my book reading in bed at night, and often fall asleep while reading. But recently I've been spending my Sunday mornings on the couch, reading instead of mindlessly scrolling through Facebook, and it's been wonderful. I'm going to try and spend ten minutes twice a day just reading instead of mindlessly scrolling, see how it makes changes to the day.

hello, school holidays. They're in sight, at the end of this week, and the kids so desperately need a break, term 3 always seems to be especially long each year.

hello, Monday, a new start every week.

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  1. Your hello Monday sounds a little like my week. Routine is crucial and hard to keep in line some weeks. School holidays are on the horizon and we all can't wait except mine are spread over three weeks and I have to work for some of them. So let the juggling begin! Have a great week. Mel xx #IMustConfess

  2. School holidays make my kids sane again... I forget how exhausted they actually get

  3. Yikes almost school holidays already?! It's so weird how I don't keep up with them now both my kids have left school!

  4. Yes, we're counting down to school holidays too. I guess I had better get packing because we're going away on Monday! I remember all the Playgroup politics too. Glad those days are over *shudders* Enjoy the rest of the week.

  5. I'm so ready for school holidays too but it does mean saying goodbye to my mum for a while as Nathan will be home to look after me during the holidays. I've gotten used to having my mum around!

  6. What a shame about your playgroup. Sometimes I feel like the odd wheel, because most of them are younger and run in different circles than me. But I persist.
    Have you seen my freezer cookies? You can make them into lots of different flavours, or just plain with M&Ms on top :)
    I am so looking forward to school hols, and some sleep ins :)

  7. Sorry to read about the playgroup ... but giving yourself the gift of reading sounds a wonderful treat,

  8. Hope you've had a great week - it's been a busy one here, but finally a relaxing day catching up on some blog reading! :)


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