Monday 21 September 2015

Hello Monday

hello, jacaranda project. I love watching the jacaranda lose it's leaves each season, then fill with flowers, only for them to gradually fall off and new leaves appear. I've had this crazy idea for a couple of years now that I wanted to capture that process each day. And this year is the year I finally make some of it happen (because the plan was to take photos for the whole of spring, and I only remembered a couple of days ago that I should be actually taking photos)

hello, school holidays. Ever since I worked out how to survive school holidays, we've all stayed relatively sane. We've already been to the park early this morning (you might have seen the little ones asleep in the car), and now Sophie is sleeping, and the kids are eating lunch and quiet reigns.

hello, cookies. I've worked out that I roughly need to be baking cookies every other day until the end of October, if I'm going to post 31 cookies. That's a lot of taste testing! {if you have a cookie recipe you'd like to share, email me and we'll chat.}

hello, craft room cleaning. I shared the state of my room over on And Sew We Craft at the end of last month. Then last crafty Wednesday, Caitlin and I wanted to work in sunlight so we moved in there. It took me all of ten minutes to remove everything from the standing desk, and I realised that it wasn't that hard to do (although much of it ended in a pile on the floor, lack of storage still being a problem), and was a much nicer way to work. So I'll be trying to clear up all surfaces again this week. (I've always hated housework, but now I recognise it's because it's a never-ending task.)

hello, Monday {afternoon}, a new start every week.

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  1. One more week to go till school holidays here in Perth and I can't wait. I'm really struggling to keep up with everything, especially the school run with hubby away at sea.

  2. I have a sleeping toddler here too for once, yay.

  3. I'm with you - i HATE housework!

  4. Storage is a problem for me too - seems no matter how much I clear out my things, there just isn't enough. Dropping by from the I Confess link up.

  5. Love your jacaranda project. I'm really enjoying the pink bauhinias in bloom this month, our neighbour behind us has a whole row of them - it's a lovely outlook!

  6. Hope you have a great week Cate! I have a few surfaces I'm working to clean off this week! :)

  7. I need to do housework ... ugh ... not today. Oh actually I did, I washed already and I know I will at least wash the dishes too. I love jacaranda trees and the carpet of purple flowers they create.


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