Tuesday 22 September 2015

On brave and setting SMART goals

BRAVE has been an amazing word for me this year. It's given me the space to spread my wings and try new things. But trying new things has left me susceptible to rejection. And I've been rejected a few times over the course of the last few months. And those rejections have really made me doubt myself and my abilities. And they've made me question why I started this journey of putting myself out into the world.

But it suddenly occurred to me last week that I could set goals for BRAVE. And for the first time ever the SMART acronym actually makes sense to me, I can see it unfolding and working and achieving results.

Not that I've actually set any goals yet, because despite my desire to back myself back in April [my advert still appears in that newsletter] I really struggle to get clear about what it is that I want out of this space.

If I hold on tight to my idea that blogging is about recording the memories of my life, and the kids lives, then how am I being useful to others? Am I just another voice, yelling into the noise of the internet? How do I balance sharing knowledge with capturing memories?

I think the reason I've always struggled with goals is because it feels as if I'm asking too much. Not of me, if it's important, I make it happen. But it feels like I'm swinging above my weight, reaching above my capabilities, or as my dad said often growing up, "you're getting your ambitions and your abilities mixed up." As if somehow I don't deserve to reach my successes.

Maybe I need to start small, choose one of those goals I had at the start of the year, set a deadline before the end of this year, make it happen?

Actually, I think I have already set a goal without even realising that's what I was doing! I'm launching an ebook!

Want to join me for the ride? Have you got a goal that needs kicking?

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  1. He did say often that people confuse their ambitions with their abilities, but I think we are proof that our abilities can far exceed our ambitions. And I see that proof every day with you and your family. Perhaps it's just that it sometimes takes a long time to recognise that proof but you don't see it yet.
    You succeed in spite of what you were taught. You have grown far beyond that little girl whose daddy who could do no wrong and become a strong, independent woman who believes in what you're doing. You just haven't admitted it yet.

  2. Ahh Dads mean the best don't they, but it doesn't always come out right. That comment reminded me of something my father would say. It definitely is hard to be brave and put yourself out there after you've suffered a few rejections. Not to mention putting yourself out there can be very exhausting. It's not easy and it is hard to keep it up. I'm trying to work toward a few goals myself at the moment and am feeling very worn out in the process. I'm hoping that I'm not overestimating my abilities and things will come right in the end. Go us!! #teamIBOT

  3. I'm a firm believer that ambition leads the way, and abilities will follow. I share a lot of the same blogging struggles you do, Cate. So often I wonder what it's all for, why I spend SO much time blogging. This morning I'm in one of those moods and I can't even answer that question myself. xo

  4. Goals are important, because otherwise ambition becomes empty. I know so many people who don't do anything because they don't start, and goals help that.
    I suppose, like anything, you start with a core value and work from that. What do you believe, what is important and what do you want to achieve?
    I personally think we sometimes over think blogging. It's great but it's not the be all and end all. I've found so much joy in blogging what I want, and using the skills and connections I've got through blogging, as a way to move forward. The ebook sounds very exciting :)

  5. An ebook? How exciting. I think sometimes we underestimate our abilities - keep moving forward and being BRAVE!


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