Wednesday 23 September 2015

What's on my desk

Sophie is starting to move into the world of "downstairs" with the kids now that holidays are here, so I'm starting to get a bit of time to sit at the computer and potter in the craft room. At the moment I'm not sure what projects I want to work on, but as I clean the space ideas are coming out and being noted in my bullet journal.

Photo of Steve and I It was our ninth anniversary last week. And while we forgot the last two years, I wasn't letting this year pass without  photo (even if I didn't blog about it.)

Crate Paper paper To scrap the photo of us, scraplifting a previous layout to make it easy for me, and look similar in the album.

Pyjamas pattern I made pants for Riley to this pattern many years ago, and recently found it again and decided to make shorts for Sophie with the same pattern (because I know it works.) Riley would also like some shorts.

Too busy sleeping is a beautiful book from Zanni Louise that I'm reviewing later this week (better late than never.)

What's on your desk this week?

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  1. I have made a huge packing list for camping so we will be organised this weekend. Congratulations on your anniversary.


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