Wednesday 14 October 2015

Great Australian Bloggers Bake Off

There is nothing I love more than baking. Well, except for blogging. And scrapbooking. But baking, as Chloe told me once, is my special talent.

And I love watching cooking shows. Great British Bake Off, Great American Bake Off, and now Great Aussie Bake Off [confession - I've seen all episodes of the first two, but never watched the Australian version until now.]

So it was with great excitement I stumbled on a group of English baker-bloggers a couple of year ago who were hosting a challenge based on the British Bake Off. And it's been great fun this year to read about Shimelle's challenges now she has dietary restrictions but still loves baking.

And because I've got nothing else to do for the rest of this year, I'm setting a challenge, for me, and for anybody, blogger or non, who wants to join me.

The TV show is exclusive to Foxtel in Australia, but the website is pretty thorough. So here's the challenge - using the topic for each week, bake something inspired by the recipes on the website. You can do that one of two ways - actually bake the recipe as it is on the website, or take one of those recipes and use it as your inspiration.

This week's topic is CAKES.

I'll open a link up next Wednesday for everyone to share their posts, or use the hashtag #bloggerbakeoffau on social media if you don't have a blog.

Happy Baking!


  1. Thanks for the inspiration. I am looking forward to playing along!

  2. Thanks for the inspiration. I am looking forward to playing along!

  3. Hurray! Love a challenge and love to bake! Cake is a good first theme :) hmmmmm what to make....

  4. What a great idea! I'd never heard of the British one so must remember it for next year. Looking forward to seeing what you bake.

  5. I watched it this afternoon and Matt was so mean and Maggie was trying to be so nice, but I thought it was a strange choice for presenters.

    I'll try and play along :)

  6. This sounds great, looking forward to participating and seeing some great recipes :)

  7. I love baking! My oven in my rental apartment doesn't work right now so I'm not able to do much, but I really love to bake when I can.


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