Monday 30 November 2015

Hello Monday

hello, Christmas tree It's 25 sleeps to Christmas. It's tree day tomorrow, which means today involves cleaning the space where the tree will stand, and actually finding the tree in the shed.

hello, blog planning Toni and I are getting together later this week to do some planning, for our personal blogs, and for our crazy wild idea we had a couple of months ago (yep, it's taken us that long to actually get together) I've got so many plans and ideas for next year, from recipes ad crafts to share, to launching my first ecourse (which is actually written, more than I can say for the ebook I've been promising for the last month), 2016 is going to SHINE!

hello, tired kids This term has dragged. From Douglas getting detentions every week, to Riley crying at the drop of a hate (or a nasty word from siblings), everyone has had enough. The end is in sight, and as much as I hate school holidays, my kids need a break.

hello, one foot in front of the other I haven't walked much this term, for various reason, although they probably just added up to making excuses, but it was what I needed. I'm ready to start walking again, but I need new shoes, so I'm shopping this week.

hello, Christmas carols When I first moved out of home, I would start playing carols in November, but the advent of kids has meant toning it down a little bit to make the season special, but now it's time to crack out the USB and get playing. (My favourite is any version of "Little Drummer Boy" or the Disney Christmas album)

hello, Monday, a new start every week.

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  1. Hope you have a great week Cate! We listened to our first Christmas carols yesterday when I started making Christmas cards.

  2. Haha - finding the tree in the shed - thanks for reminding me . I must add it to my husband's to do list too.
    I won't be doing any blog planning (bad blogger on naughty list)
    Little Drummer boy is my favourite carol (well one of them) and the one of the Myer Spirit of Christmas CD is the best this year.

  3. Thanks for the reminder Cate! It hasn't been on my radar at all... too many other things have my attention. Enjoy the festive spirit :)

  4. I love hearing about exciting new ideas and planning. Good luck you two

  5. I would've had the tree up over the weekend if I could find it, but of course I couldn't so in the next few days we'll be heading to the shops to get a new one and finally put it up. Then I can wrap presents woohoo.

  6. Hope you have better luck than Toni finding your tree! I have no idea where ours is...

  7. Well you are one step ahead of me, that you are planning to plan your blog, as you would have read on my post today, LOL! Our Christmas tree went up last week. Miss 19's birthday is exactly 5 weeks before Christmas so once that's passed, it's time to put the tree up :-) .

  8. Good luck for your blog planning Cate - intrigued to see what you guys come up with!

  9. Our Christmas tree is up, a little earlier than I would like but lets call it compromise. Working in retail means I've been listening the Christmas carols since the begninning of Nov. I do love them though just not for months. I need to find some to listen to at home, I think.

  10. I've been thinking about letting the Christmas carols out for a run. I have a whole heap of them I downloaded last year on the computer somewhere!
    I have been slack on the walking and found it my saviour as I got out a couple of times after dinner this week.
    Your 2016 sounds very exciting.


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