Tuesday 1 December 2015

Us Right Now

Each month I capture snippets of us right now, the good and the bad of each individual, and us as a family.
We are putting up the Christmas tree today

We are all ready for holidays to start

We are getting better at family photos
He loves the challenges of his job

despite the sadness of losing someone "on his watch"

He wants to get stuck into some gardening

but hurt his back last time he tried
She knows exactly what to get everyone for Christmas

but hasn't started shopping yet

She is excited about making plans for next year

{but more excited about coffee and cake without sharing}
He has had a troubled month

way too many detentions and outbursts

He turned 14

but sometimes behaves likes he's 2
She has been following Douglas' lead

with outbursts and rotten behaviour

She makes up for it quickly

when she spends time with Sophie and Riley
He is excited to finish reading groups at school

and decorate the classroom for the last couple of weeks

He can't wait to sing Christmas carols in the choir

and tell Santa what he wants this year
She is full of words

meanie, buddy hel, no, love you, high five

She follows the kids endlessly

and loves helping dad on his days off

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  1. Oh this is too cute, I love the T-shirts! What a cool way to take a family photo at this time of year, they're really cool! Love the description of your 14 year old too, haha! #TeamIBOT

  2. Go the Christmas t-shirts! I love Steve's lol where did you get it I should get one for Trent.

  3. We need to get better at taking family photos as well. Christmas is a great time for that.

  4. What a fun family! Except for all the detentions and outbursts. Hopefully they grow out of that!

  5. Gorgeous clan you have.
    Why not com eand link up to Wordless Wednesday (words or not)
    I need to try your snippets idea.

  6. I always admire your raw honestly, here we are, we're real. They are changing so much.


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