Monday 15 February 2016

Hello Monday

hello perception My dad used to say "perception is reality." I hated it, and it took me a long time to understand what he meant, but I get it now. My perception of events is my reality. Which means that it is possible that I remember events differently to you, but it's my reality. The last week or so has been a real eye opener for me, about other people's reality of events that I had perceived a certain way. It's made me take a step back, and look at things from someone else's perspective.

hello censorship I've never censored myself in this space. I haven't shared some stories here, but that's different to censoring the words when you do share the story. But it occurred to me last night that people read these words, and put their own spin on them. And that isn't why I write. I don't write to make me look better, I don't write to make you feel better; I write because the words need to get out, and my children need to hear them. But at some point, censorship has to creep in, now that I know who is reading. And I'm not sure I like that idea.

hello newsletters I love writing my newsletters. But I'm very slack writing them. I'm trying to get better, which means actually sitting down and doing the work. Today is that day. (I have 3 newsletters - a monthly, a weekly, and a school holiday.)

hello Parent Talk Australia a few months ago a friend said "why don't bloggers collaborate and share their work in one central spot?", and a group of bloggers said "oh, man, that makes so much sense", and Parent Talk Australia was born. Bloggers work together to share other bloggers posts, and reach new audiences. This week, it's my turn to share posts from some of the best parenting bloggers in Australia. [if you're an Australian blogger who would like to be involved, see this post for info]

hello mopping of all the housework I hate to do, this is the one I hate the most, so leave the longest. But there always comes a point in the year where the floor is slippery from whatever-it-was-that-was-dropped and mopping can't be avoided. This is the week.

hello Monday, a new start every week

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  1. Hello to unpacking the last of my essentials boxes in this, my 23rd move. There are still around 10 boxes to go but I'm hoping for the most part, I can just leave them packed till our next move... this time next year. So over moving.

  2. I sometimes forget that local people I know actually read my posts. Then someone might ask me something and I got confused how they know

  3. Good luck with your newsletters and the parent talk scheduling!

  4. I'm with you with hating mopping. I vacuum regularly but I do tend to put off mopping. I hope you get your mopping, newsletters and scheduling all sorted!

  5. Haha, what Natalie said! There have been many times that's happened to me and I've been very confused! I know my sons teachers read my blog, our bank manager...and the list goes on! I just write whatever is on my mind, whatever I'm interested in, whatever I think may help others that I also enjoy. Ah yes, perception. I find that so many arguments can start not because someone is right or wrong, but because they have a different perception of an event.

  6. A few mums from school read my blog and that's made me more conscious of things I share. I don't think it's really censored what I share but I do have to weigh up the pros and cons.

    1. I avoid mopping too, I did however give a quick mop around today. It's always obvious by the colour of the water at the end! I am glad though when it is done.

      I am all for sharing the talented writers, advice givers and story tellers we have in the blogosphere. Parent talk sounds great :)

  7. Fabulous photo of the kids, Cate! It's a difficult reality that not everyone understands or views our words the same as they way we mean them. Hope you had a great week & that the mopping got done! :)


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