Friday 12 February 2016

Taco Scrolls

Ever since I discovered Lucy's recipe for ham & cheese scrolls, I've been a little bit obsessed with scrolls. They're a quick easy lunch I can whip up on weekends, and they store well for lunches. Except Natalie and Riley refuse to eat hot food cold, and Douglas doesn't really like scrolls. At least Steve and I have plenty of food for lunches (Sophie generally eats a bite of everything in sight.)

Last weekend as I was cooking some taco meat up for Douglas (he was cooking jacket potatoes for dinner), I wondered what taco scrolls would be like. I had previously made cheeseburger scrolls with 2 ingredient yoghurt dough, but they were only good eating fresh from the oven, so I wasn't sure of my chances with this recipe.
Everyone loves this recipe. Well, not Riley, because he's fussy; but both Nat and Douglas are taking some for school today, and Steve has eaten the other half of the batch at work. I think it's a successful recipe when they're fighting over who gets to take the last ones.

My recipe is slightly different to Lucy's, because I like a stiffer dough to work with [not at all because I added too much milk], but even when the dough is wet, it still bakes up nicely, it's just a pain to roll (and sticks to everything!)

2.5 cups self raising flour
40g butter, at room temperature
1 cup milk
250g leftover taco meat

* rub butter into flour until it resembles bread crumbs
* add milk, stir with a knife
* tip out onto well floured surface and knead until it pulls together
* roll out into rectangle shape, approx 2cm/1" thick
* spread meat over dough, leaving approx 2cm/1" clear along one edge
* sprinkle cheese over meat
* starting on the edge opposite the clear edge, start rolling
* once rolled, cut into 2cm/1" slices
* place on lined baking tray
* bake 180°C 25-30min, or golden brown on the bottom

can be frozen - once cooled, wrap in alfoil. Reheat in microwave.



  1. Yum! These sound really good. My mom made something similar when we were kids and she called them pinwheels. She filled hers with corned beef hash, and made a cheese sauce to put on top. We loved them, and there were never any leftovers. It's great that you have found something the whole gang likes. Well, except for Riley. There's one in every bunch, eh? ;o)

  2. I might try these for my kids. They are a little fussy too but it could be worth a shot!


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