Monday 28 March 2016

Hello Monday

hello chocolate it's invaded my house, and I am powerless to resist. It's easy to sneak an egg here or there, because a lot of the kids eggs go into a share-bowl, but I always try to get myself something so I don't eat all of theirs.

hello one less child Douglas is away this week, visiting his big brothers in Melbourne. The power of one child in the house is quite noticeable, in his absence, and in his presence. It's something I try to stay aware of, but enjoy as well.

hello April I can't decide if this year has moved quickly or slowly. Some parts have dragged, especially those moments relating to stress or worry; but some moments have moved quickly, the ones where the stress and worry has been let go of for a period of time. I think I might have to be more mindful about letting those worries go more often.

hello new-to-us car My car died about 6 weeks ago now. It's an 8-seater van that I've driven for 8 years. With car seats and tow bars and packing space needed, we've really missed it. It's also a really expensive model vehicle to buy spare parts for, and we're not 100% certain that buying the parts will fix the problem. When you're broke, it's a hard decision to make. But early last week, Steve stumbled on someone selling the same model car for a ridiculously cheap price. It runs, is registered, and has a small-but-easily-fixed problem. So we borrowed some money, and bought it. The hope is that from two cars we can make one whole one, by taking the parts from my car to fix the new one. And we'll be back to being able to go places with everyone in one car.

hello planning I try and try and try again to make planning work for me, but I fail regularly. I have, however, worked out that the best way to make it work is to actually write things down. Who would have thought, right? I keep forgetting things, and want to get more productive about using my Sophie-free days, so I need to plan those moments and write things down.

hello scrapbooking Sophie is still having a bit of a struggle adjusting to daycare. Not that she isn't loving spending time there, she has made a friend, and loves the activities; but she doesn't want mum to leave her. So her teacher put together a few pages of photos of things they do at daycare, and we talk about it at home, but after a few weeks of being dragged around, the pages are looking crumpled and worn. It's the perfect excuse for me to exercise my scrapbooking muscle, though. So I took some photos last week, and this week I'm going to print them out, and put together a small album she can drag around and look through regularly.

hello Monday, a new start every week.

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  1. I am glad to read things are improving in some important are such money-suckers. Hope it all works out well in the end. Denyse

  2. Gosh can you believe it is almost April. I'll be glad to see the last of the chocolate in this house. Doing my best to avoid it but it looks and smells so good.

  3. Good new on the car front. I hope it all comes together, that's one less stress. I am hopeless if I don't write a list of things to do. I am a sieve head these days, and need it to stay on track. I ended up buying my own chocolate so I didn't scoff all theirs. My hubby has been the worst offender!

  4. I hope you can keep the worries away a little more now that your car troubles have been resolved x

  5. What a lovely idea the scrapbook is!

  6. I am not a big car person but I do love a new car smell and feel.

  7. I hope the whole car scenario works out for you! I can hardly believe its April either! Enjoy the school holidays x

  8. Glad the car situation is sorted, I can imagine how difficult it must have been. I have not done any scrap booking for about 3 years... Just can't find the motivation anymore, but it's such a special way to share photos.

  9. that is such a cute photo!

    So glad to hear your car is all sorted out now.


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