Monday 4 April 2016

Hello Monday

hello cancer you might have heard that my aunt got her test results last week. Turns out that this isn't a first diagnosis. And while I understand the denial, I'm really angry, too. With most of her extended family spread out across the country unable to help physically, we're all rooting for her when she starts treatment soon.

hello second week of holidays Douglas is home, and everyone is falling into old routines. Steve is off from Wednesday until Saturday, so we're going to try and get out and do more things together; we're all going a little loopy sitting at home.

hello craft room cleaning I seem to all of a sudden have become a grown up who realises that cleaning has to keep happening. I cleaned the kitchen bench pile on Saturday night, by moving one bowl, and all the clutter was gone! I'm hoping that by moving one thing in the craft room the whole room will magically be clean, but I'm doubting it.

hello weekly newsletter I've been writing for And Sew We Craft since it started over four years ago. Except that I haven't been crafting for ages, so I haven't been writing much. About a year ago I took over writing the newsletter, and have failed miserably at that, too. Last week, I decided that I needed a kick in the bum, and some motivation, so for a period of 8 weeks, I'm sending the newsletter weekly, kind of a mini challenge to me to get it written, and crafters to get crafting. So far, no one has unsubscribed, so I might be onto something. (you can sign up here if you're interested)

hello gardening We're still working through the trees in the backyard tidying them up. I know that neighbours are allowed to cut branches off your trees if they hang in their yards, but gee it would be nice if they told you they're doing it, so you don't just find a random pile of branches hidden out of sight! 

hello Monday, a new start every week.



  1. The kitchen is my area of weakness in cleaning. I've been making a good effort in the past two weeks and it's both good and sad to say that dishes done (even if they're drying and not put away) makes a big difference to how the house feels.

  2. Oh, it sounds like you're busy! I don't have kids so only know it's school holidays when my apartment complex gets busy and I notice more people in the streets.

    Sorry to hear about your aunt!

  3. I wish your Aunt everything and family support is vital.
    We are glad our neighbours are far from sight.

  4. Sorry to hear about your aunty, tough call. I'm sad that holidays are nearing an end and not looking forward to an 11-week term!!

  5. Good luck with the newsletter - I hope you can keep it going.

  6. If I gave myself a kick up the bum, I don't know where I would find the time to fit anything else in! With both the girls at school and kindy, I have never been busier. My poor garden is being neglected.
    Have a great time getting out and about for the rest of the holidays. We don't start holidays until the 15th!

  7. Nice work on the cleaning - still waiting for that adult realization to come to me ;)

  8. Ugh being adult and cleaning, I'm over it already. I hope your Aunt responds well to treatment. Enjoy getting out and about and I am off to check out And Sew We Craft.


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