Monday 11 April 2016

Hello Monday

hello back to school my kids are absolutely crap at entertaining themselves. I am even crapper at entertaining them when I'm feeling worn out and stressed. So even with Douglas away the first week, and booked vacation care days, these holidays have not been fun. Today they are all back at school and routine, and the quiet in the house is deafening.

hello, new recipes cooking the same food over and over again, whether it's dinners or baking, is becoming a bore for those that cook, and those that eat. But finding recipes that everyone eats and still comes in under budget is a struggle. I had a huge win last night with this spinach and bacon pie, and hope to have a few more successes this week.

hello, writing time I think I have a dream every week that I'll get writing time. And some weeks it comes true, others it doesn't. I find that having Steve home on his days off distracts me from getting anything done (it's an argument we have over and over again), so I enjoy the weeks Sophie has daycare days and he's at work, and usually manage both writing and crafting time.

hello, Peppa Pig. Riley watched Peppa Pig occasionally, but he loved The Octonauts and Team Umi Zoomi more. But Sophie loves Peppa Pig. I have no idea if it's actually still screening on TV, but we have 6 episodes on the iPad. And she watches them over and over and over again. I now understand the stress parents feel over Peppa Pig.

hello, Monday, a new start every week.



  1. My kids went back to school today and I am so happy. Work life doesn't stop but with the kids around, it is hard to get motivated.

  2. I am with you on the writing! I crave it! And when hubby is home it just doesn't seem to happen for me either! Wishing you a wonderful week x

  3. Hope you find some writing & crafting time now that the kids are back at school! That spinach and bacon pie looks good - I might give it a try, omitting the pastry (which tends to be high in calories) so it'll be like a frittata.

  4. Peppa Pig is most definitely on tv, twice a day even. Just don't ask me what time of the day because its a bit hit and miss if we actually have the tv on at the right time.

  5. I don't have kids but tape stuff off ABC2 for a friend's little boy to entertain him when he comes over. His favourites change so I can just keep updating them!

  6. My son loves the Hairy Maclary TV show and books as well as The Wiggles which I can stand. I shudder to think what he will like once he can truly choose things for himself. I've banned Peppa and Dora so far, hopefully it sticks!

  7. Peppa pig has been a fave with my girls. I think my youngest has a slight pommy accent twang in her speech from it! Enjoy those days to yourself to write and craft, I cherish them especially when they have been productive. Gotta love when a new recipe works out and everyone actually eats it. It's a hard job this cooking bizzo!

  8. Mmmm, I get the new recipe thing. I live with a plain eater and cooking something new is not something that happens often so I often get bored with this daily task. Enjoy the writing and crafting time while you can. Maybe set aside a set time for writing when Steve is home or just try and live it up while he is not and enjoy his company when he is home. Enjoy the back to school quiet.


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