Thursday 7 April 2016

Why I let my toddler walk up the slide

I am that parent at the playground. The one who watches from the sidelines, sometimes looks at her phone, and doesn't tell her toddler off for climbing up the slide.

Years of parenting and playground visits with a huge variety of ages and stages has made me find other battles to fight.

I see the concentration on her face as she tries new things.

And the joy when she makes it to the top again, without sliding all the way to the bottom.

And I seem to remember from high school human development class that it's good for gross motor skills, and using muscles that don't often get used (including problem solving, when trying to figure out how to keep going up, instead of sliding down)

But I promise, if you're at the park with us, we're respectful of other people, and she knows to go down, and take turns (unlike some kids we run into)


  1. Yes! I do this. My son loves it more than coming down the slide :)

  2. And I am that grumpy mum squawking at my daughter to get down! What a waste of energy. I fully agree with you.

  3. While I don't take a second glance if kids do it (except if mine is in the middle of a slide down) I can't bring myself to allow my daughter to do it. Still scarred from seeing my brother put his teeth through his lip. Granted it was a roller slide - they're probably few and far between these days but it still sends shudders down my spine!!


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